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  • Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Salmon Tamago Tuna Maki

    29,99 €

    How to make a real sushi lover happy? Take them out to a sushi place, one may say… But isn’t it simply an easy way out? If just like us, you love surprising your friends with creative and funny ideas, you should have a look at our Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Salmon Tamago Tuna Maki. A genuine and big smile on the recipient’s face guaranteed!

  • Sushi Socks Box 10 Pairs: Mix Maki and Nigiri

    49,99 €

    Sushi Socks Box is the product that has started our journey with colourful socks. Sushi Socks Box 10 Pairs: Mix Maki and Nigiri is a proper feast for both colourful socks fans and Japanese cuisine maniacs – especially its flagship product – sushi! Do you know anyone who will be super happy to receive such a gift for Christmas or their birthday?

  • Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Salmon Butterfish Octopus Maki

    29,99 €

    If you are looking for an original gift which will put a smile on the face of the biggest complainer, you’ve finally arrived at a good place. Our crazy Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Salmon Butterfish Octopus Maki is a proven gift idea for everyone – no matter their sex and age!

  • Children’s Sushi Socks Box 3 Pairs: Tamago, Butterfish, Oshinko Maki

    19,99 €

    As a company that specializes in socks designs, we know how picky the kids can be. To make sure that they always can enjoy their socks we improved our line of socks designed for kids with this original and unique sushi design. The socks are not only comfortable and safe but also visually appealing and fun to wear. They are also available in several different size options which are ideal for youngsters of every age.

  • Children’s Sushi Socks Box 3 Pairs: Tamago, Salmon, Cucumber Maki

    19,99 €

    Who said that children's socks have to be boring? Probably no one! It's not a secret that children love to play and have fun, that's why we want to add an additional fun element to their daily routine by this original set of socks that are not only a cute clothing piece but also an attractive toy for the whole family. Taste the unique cuisine of The Country of the Rising Sun. 

  • Children's Sushi Socks Box 3 Pairs: Tuna, Tamago, Tuna Maki

    19,99 €

    Parents know the struggle of their kids being picky about something. To make sure that your kid will never be picky again when it comes to socks, we designed something that will impress even the pickiest ones! Original  socks inspired by Japan packed just like real sushi for sure will impress your kid and attract it to new, unique adventures.

  • Sushi socks box 1 paar thunfisch nigiri

    9,99 €

    Ein Sockentraum von Sushi

    Kennst du jemanden, der die japanische Küche liebt? Vielleicht ist er auch ein Meister darin, hausgemachtes Sushi vorzubereiten? Er kennt das Rezept für dieses Nigiri-Thunfisch-Sushi-Set noch nicht – das können wir dir garantieren!

    • 1 Paar OEKO-TEX-zertifizierte baumwollene Socken
    • Größen: EU 36-40, EU 41-46
    • Zusammensetzung: 80 % Baumwolle, 17 % Polyamide, 3 % Elasthan

    Sushi ist eine der gesündesten Mahlzeiten der Welt. Wenn man bedenkt, dass wir in diesem Fall von Socken sprechen, freut sich der Diätetik über dieses leckere, kalorienfreie Geschenk. Für sie oder für ihn? Wundere dich nicht, Sushi-Socken sind ein Unisex-Produkt, das für alle geschaffen wurde - auch für die Kleinsten!

  • Sushi socks box 1 paar Thunfisch-Maki

    9,99 €


    Weißt du, dass Thunfisch der am häufigsten verwendete Fisch für die Zubereitung von Sushi ist? Kennst du jemanden, der ein echter Fan dieser japanischen Spezialität ist? Dann hast du schon eine tolle Geschenkidee. Sushi in der Hand! Ups, wir wollten an den Füßen sagen...

    • 1 Paar baumwollene Socken, die wie echtes Sushi aussehen
    • Ein Geschenk für einen Fan der japanischen Küche
    • Größen: EU 36-40, EU 41-46
    • Zusammensetzung: 80 % Baumwolle, 17 % Polyamide, 3 % Elasthan

    Bist du neugierig, welche anderen Sushi-Arten sich in der Rainbow Socks-Küche verstecken? Weitere Sushi-Socken-Sets finden Sie hier.

  • Sushi socks box 1 paar lachs

    9,99 €

    Ein einzigartiges Zubehör für einen echten Sushi-Fan!

    Hast du einen Menschen in deinem Freundeskreis, der sich durch sein ausgefallenes, perfektes Styling immer wieder von der Masse unterscheidet? Gute Nachrichten, du hast gerade das beste Geschenk für seinen kommenden Geburtstag gefunden!

    • 1 Paar Nigiri-Sushi-Socken
    • Präsentfertiges Geschenk in Originalverpackung
    • Größen: EU 36-40, EU 41-46

    Fragst du dich, wie du deine bessere Hälfte am Valentinstag überraschen kannst? Manchmal sind kleine Witze die besten, du weißt was wir meinen, oder? :)

  • Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Tamago Butterfish Tuna Maki

    29,99 €

    It might be really hard to imagine comfortable cotton socks and traditional Japanese sushi united, but our newest product perfectly combines these two amazing things. Our newest addition to our socks offer is the Sushi Socks Box which was inspired by the vast variety of colours and aesthetic values of sushi – one of our favourite dishes. They are a great idea for every sushi lover because they look just like a real sushi, but be careful don't try to taste them!

  • Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Salmon Butterfish Tuna Maki

    29,99 €

    Are you a real fan of Japanese sushi? Or, maybe someone from your family is always eager to visit a sushi restaurant and can eat it almost every day? Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Salmon Butterfish Tuna Maki will be an ideal gift for you, then! These 5 pairs of socks that look like real sushi, will turn into a true surprise. Why? Cause at a first glance you’re not really sure if these are: socks or maybe real sushi?!

  • Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Nigiri Shrimp Tuna Tamago Maki

    29,99 €

    In order to become a real sushi master, you need to spend many years learning the appropriate technique. On the other hand, to become a real master of sushi socks, you just need 3 minutes. Sounds unbelievable, right? Order our Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Nigiri Shrimp Tuna Tamago Maki and see how easily your socks can look exactly like sushi after each laundry!

Are you crazy about Asian culture and is Japan your favourite holiday travel destination so far? Or maybe you’re just a consummate sushi fan and can consume it in every form and every day? Rainbow Socks’ japanese cuisine is specialised in serving sushi socks of the highest quality and delicious food-like packaging. This original and colourful gift idea will definitely  bring a smile to the recipient’s face – as well as the buyer’s! Simply the best present,successful outcomes guaranteed. Salmon, tuna, cucumber maki, omelette tamago or maybe shrimp? True fans of this asian bite-sized food can choose from different types, available in different packaging sizes consisting of 1,2,3,5 or even 10 pairs in plenty variations to soothe your need for variety! Every single precisely-wrapped pair of sushi socks will provide you with comfort all day long as well as warm your feet during long cold winter’s evenings. Product is unisex, available in two different size options: EU 36-40 and EU 41-46. But don’t forget about your little one! If they are sushi savants like you are, place an order for our lovely 3-pair sushi socks box sets for children. Stylish outfits for the whole family will impress all who behold the glory! Each sock is made of the highest-quality materials: 80% cotton, 17% elastane and 3% polyester, with additional OEKO-TEX certification. No more boring socks on your feet! Try our sushi socks and make the trip to the Orient thanks to our global cuisine. Rainbow Socks – where feet and colours meet!