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  • Socks to Go 4 Pairs


    If you love snacks and delicious American burgers or French fries our socks menu has been improved with the newest set, just perfect for you. Our newest tasty socks are inspired by popular takeaway food. The set consists of two pairs of socks that resemble real burgers and two pairs that resemble tasty hot fries. The take away fast-food socks are available in a vast selection of sizes for both women and men. 

  • Meal Socks Box 5 pairs


    The newest addition to our line of original socks inspired by the real food. This time we've prepared something special for every starveling! The Meal Socks Box consists of a tasty burger, fresh crunchy fries, and a can of cold beer. This tasteful set will be perfect for both women and men because it is available in several different sizes 36-40 EU and 41-46 UE. Our eco-friendly food box consists of several different pairs of socks in original bright colours. The burger is made of 2 pairs of socks, the fries are made of 1 pair of socks and the beer is made of another pair. All four pairs are made of high-quality materials and uniquely folded to resemble real food. This extraordinary food is just perfect for your everyday meal! 

  • Pizza & Beer Socks Box 5 Pairs


    CLASSIC DUO - Can you think of a duo more iconic than a tasty hot pizza and a can of cold beer? We neither! That's why we've got something special for you, an original set of 7 different pairs of socks resembling a mix of Italian, Hawaiian, Pepperoni pizza, and a can of fresh, cold beer. The set is available in several different size options so that everyone can enjoy this unique tasty meal.