Saint Patrick’s GREEN feast

Posted On: 2021-03-17

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Author: Gosia

May the blessings of each day be the blessings you need the most” goes the Irish saying, so let’s all be Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day, you too! That’s a perfect time to give a green light (or…maybe a rainbow light ;)), to a handful of fashion inspirations that will zing up your celebration!

A pair of colourful stylish socks is a top match for green outfits featuring the iconic shamrock, isn’t it?  And Saint Patrick’s Day is well-known for the traditional greenish ambience. Well, well, well…are we sniffing a great opportunity for a sock shopping spree?

Beer, another round of beer!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about St. Patrick's Day (not counting the shamrocks)? BEER of course!

To everyone’s amusement, Lent was traditionally suspended for the Irish Feast. There was no end to laughter, dancing, and pints! Could you imagine that? What can be better than a stein filled up to the brim with a frothy magic gold drink? Even if it is impossible to go out to pubs in 2021, we’ve made sure to have a good replacement for these attractions. Our Beer Socks are ready to celebrate with you!

Woman at the bar, having a beer looking like socks on Saint Patrick's

Although our cotton brew is packed in a tin rather than a pint glass, it still looks refreshing and festive. Check out yourself! Isn’t it tight?

Incognito feast

If the times of pub crawling are a thing of the past for you, and you are sitting uptight in a buttoned shirt and a suit, with the pandemic making things even worse…

No worries – you can still celebrate St. Patrick's Day quietly by gently accentuating your outfit with green classy Rainbow Socks.

A man in a blue suit is sitting outside, wearing elegant socks

You’re wondering if we’ve got something more up our sleeve? Well, at Rainbow Socks, we’ve got you covered! Our Men’s Siltex socks will work just fine for the office environment. Don’t forget to match them with your smart casual outfit. You’ll surely raise a few eyebrows!

Saint Patrick’s Day elf

Saint Patrick is a Christian holiday, but it definitely has a fairy-tale vibe to it. That's why we’ve decided to add some Rainbow Socks flair to the traditional shamrocks. Want to become a one and only elf-like Saint Paddy's ballerina?

Person in ballerina socks, green dress, green pillows, spring

Girly and subtle, ballet shoes will make you feel light like a sorceress! Grab a pair of low-key green no-show socks and celebrate St. Patrick's Day the way you like best.

Laid-back and ready to roam

Breathable and comfortable, our Bamboo Crew Socks are not exclusively available in green. As with many of the products in our Rainbow Socks world, there is a whole spectrum of rainbow hues for you to enjoy! But on St. Patrick's Day the green gems will definitely serve you well!

A person wearing jeans and bamboo socks, sitting on a fence

Take care of your feet while losing yourself to dance and looking divine at the Paddy’s Day party. Both durable and stylish, our bamboo socks won’t disappoint your ankles.

All right... but where does this leprechaun come from?

Leprechaun is an integral part of the Celtic tradition. He appears at the celebration of Saint Patrick's Day almost as often as the ubiquitous shamrock.

Leprechaun with hands full of gold, green

Apparently, this green-clad gentleman usually holds a pot of gold. But does he also have green socks? We haven't checked that, but you can! Try catching him during the St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Good luck and let us know in the comments if your hunt is successful! And what if… just what if…he wears Rainbows Sock? Well, that’s probably for you to find out!

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