Pepsi x Rainbow Socks - how refreshing!

Pepsi x Rainbow Socks - how refreshing!

Posted On: 2021-05-05

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Author: Lena

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Pepsi x RainbowSocks – that’s one refreshing idea.

We’re excited to share that there is one more reason to smile thanks to our new Pepsi x Rainbow socks.

If you are looking for a fresh idea for a groovy gift, a chance to distinguish yourself from the crowd or that one accessory that will give you the extra kick, Pepsi x Rainbow Socks are the way to go. Bottoms up! Or should we say, fizzy socks up!

Your new superhero cape.

Pepsi x RainbowSocks - sharing Pepsi socks cans.

If you’re in need of a smile, there’s a small accessory that may come in handy… in a can. Channel the good times and unroll your Pepsi x Rainbow Socks. Oh, you’re cracking the can open… no, not like this, silly! These are socks, not a drink.  

Turn a hang-out into a music video.

Pepsi x RainbowSocks - friends rolling about the town.

When you and your pals are cruising about town, you might need a prop to stand out from the crowd. This is where your Pepsi x Rainbow Socks will come in handy. No wonder that a group of excited bystanders starts to live stream your crew goofing around. It does look like a music video, doesn’t it?

Refreshing and cool.

Pepsi x RainbowSocks - waiting for a train in Pepsi x RainbowSocks

Long gone are the times where socks were a boring necessity. Now, they are the universal statement of FUN. Whether catching a tube, raving at a festival, or maybe complementing your holiday shorts, Pepsi x Rainbow Socks will keep you smiling all day long.

Gift for a Thirsty Friend.

We all have that friend who’s always thirsty and perhaps Pepsi is their go-to drink. If you’re at loss for an idea and their birthday is coming up, or you are just looking to surprise them – look no further. The new Pepsi x Rainbow Socks in a “Pepsi” can is the perfect gift. Those fizzy socks are sure to please!

Living to the fullest, having a laugh, being present in the moment, and making lives film-like. This is what Rainbow Socks are all about. Now, we’ve got one more reason to celebrate. Rainbow x Pepsi on your…sock. Satisfy the thirst and look here for some Rainbow inspiration. 

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