Free Worldwide Delivery (SERIOUSLY!)

Free Worldwide Socks Delivery

Posted On: 2021-05-31

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Free worldwide shipping is an option that especially large companies offer. We decided not to wait until we become one of those. We’re doing everything so that everyone on Earth can wear our socks.

Today, you don't have to go to Italy to eat a pizza. Burgers, vege and classic, can be eaten outside the US. You can enjoy Brazilian coffee not only when traveling to South America, but also at home. Why can't it be the same with socks? 

World's food bestsellers

Few days of waiting

If you had to wait a few days for those fries you ordered, you’d give up on them. When it comes to French fries socks that will surprise your loved ones, a few days’ wait only increases your curiosity.

Couple laughing because of fries socks

Primarily we take care of the feet

We care for our customers' full bellies through tasty bestsellers. But let's manage expectations. Even if the package arrives the same day, we do not promise that our dishes will be warm. :) However, there is one thing we can promise - for each category of socks, their quality is at least as great as their looks!

Worldwide Sock Delivery

Free shipping covers (almost;)) all over the world. The polar bear at the North Pole and the penguins in Antarctica have to pay for delivery themselves. The rest of you, regardless of where you live, can choose free untracked delivery without worries and without any hidden conditions.

Estimated delivery time

Map of estimated free delivery time

Do you live in Europe?

You shouldn't wait more than a week for your socks.

America is your home?

Your package has to go through several countries and the ocean, so a little more than 7 working days, but it's not a long wait for such unusual socks.

When you’re looking at other countries, are you always looking West?

Residents of Asia and Australia have to wait an average of 10 days before they can show off their new socks to their friends.

Have you never seen snow in your home?

This means that you might live in Africa and probably most often using free delivery you will order our short cut (un)usual socks. 

Different length, high, colours of socks

Other shipping options

Free Worldwide Delivery is not the only shipping option in our store. Although let's face it - it makes the most sense. After adding products to your cart, three other shipping options will be available to you.

  • standard delivery

  • courier

  • air service

If you choose one of these 3 paid delivery options, you will be able to track your package and in most countries it will reach you faster.

Top 5 countries where we deliver socks

Top 5 countries where we deliver socks

You can check the exact prices and delivery times to your country here.

So what, where will we send your package today?

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