A few raw (& rainbow) facts about SUSHI!

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Posted On: 2021-07-29

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At Rainbow Socks, we just can’t get enough sushi, so we’ve created a sushi socks menu. To celebrate this, here are some sushi facts we found interesting!

So, what is it about sushi, a dish that took the world by storm? It is not only a sublime dining experience that offers a unique palette of Eastern flavours. It is also a true feast for the eyes. Eating sushi is a culinary challenge – and we don’t just mean the chopsticks!

Did you know that to become a sushi chef you have to undergo at least ten years’ exacting training? The ability to master the art of home preparation is truly impressive, but actually not as difficult as it sounds. It's a great idea to add to your bucket list. Maybe that's your next date night/having friends around entertainment sorted?

Rainbow Sushi Socks Box - couple enjoying their sushi date.

Where does sushi come from? Originating in China, over the centuries sushi became a staple Japanese dish. While sushi is often associated with fine dining, it is as famous as street food and became a worldwide urban takeout staple in the past few decades.

Rainbow Sushi Socks Box - sushi socks in action!

Is sushi healthy? Is it good for you? You bet! Japanese are famous for being one of the healthiest, happiest, and longest-living populations in the world!

Rainbow Sushi Socks - sushi socks box.

What does sushi stand for? In Japanese, sushi literally means ‘sour rice’. However, sushi means the philosophy and technique of both preparation and eating rather than the food itself. Sushi traditionally consists of specially - prepared vinegared rice, seaweed, raw seafood, and vegetables. It's full of protein, antioxidants, and vitamins –  making you both happy and healthy! The act of sushi preparation is often compared to art. Chefs are expected to sharpen their knives every day – and this is serious business, as these knives are believed to be direct descendants of samurai swords. 

There are of course different kinds of sushi, usually mixed and matched and purchased in sets, with a side of soy sauce and wasabi. The sets are prepared to be bigger or smaller depending on the demand of your stomach. Maki is sushi pieces wrapped in seaweed, while with uramaki you’ll find the rice on the outside. Nigiri is a thinly sliced fish placed on top of sticky sushi rice. Temaki is the tasty cone-shaped sushi bite. All this sushi talk has made us hungry.

On the Rainbow Socks menu, you can find sets as big as 10 pairs, 2 or 3 pairs, or this lovely example of 5 pairs Butterfish Salmon Maki Set – while all sets come in different variations of sushi pieces, colours, and structures. Any sushi lover can find a customised order to their own taste. That is what sushi is all about, after all!

Rainbow Sushi Socks Box - real sushi feast.

We wanted to reflect all those customs and passions, which we deliver in our quirky sushi socks boxes.You can wear nigiri, sashimi or maki socks. We’re certainly not picky.

Enjoy, it’s tasty!

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