Barefoot, socks, or slippers - what's the best way to walk around the house?

How to feel fashionable and comfortable at home

Posted On: 2021-09-30

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Recent years have changed a lot of things in our lives — among them the amount of time we stay at home. With many of us transitioning to remote work, we spend more and more of our days inside. Because of this, we don’t have to dress up as much and can afford to wear more casual clothes while working. Instead of a pair of jeans and a shirt, we’re working in sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt.

This change also includes footwear: as we don’t usually wear shoes at home, most people opt for either colorful socks or slippers, or go barefoot altogether. Is there an optimal approach to footwear at home?? Keep reading to find out!

Going barefoot for longer periods might not be a good idea

When deciding between wearing socks and going barefoot at home, take into consideration your health first, and comfort second. Walking barefoot for an extended amount of time might cause faster development of underlying foot deformities, caused by imbalances in pressure that happen when walking without footwear.

On top of putting yourself at risk of hammertoes and bunions, your feet will also be directly exposed to every germ found on the floor; unless you mop at least twice a day, it might be a better idea to grab a pair of comfortable,healthy bamboo socks.

If you’re too hot in normal socks during the summer, try out our low cut invisible socks, perfect for sunny weather.

A woman in green invisible socks taking off white shoes

Socks - a better and healthier alternative

Wearing socks keeps your feet covered and unrestricted. Socks can also help prevent blisters and keep your feet cool. There are tons of types of socks for men, women, and children to choose from.

If you’re worried about slipping and falling, grab a pair of non-slip socks from Rainbow Socks – we also offer comfortable bamboo socks, premium cotton socks, as well as non-binding socks for diabetics in many lengths and sizes.

A man in brown non-slip socks standing next to a glass jar terrarium

What to watch out for when buying slippers?

If you’d rather have something more than cotton or bamboo socks on your feet when at home, make sure you pick a proper pair of slippers. Is the sole grippy enough, does the fabric breathe properly? Also, make sure they fit you properly to begin with! When walking in slippers, make sure you’re also wearing a comfy pair of socks, like cotton ankle socks, or bamboo knee high socks, which are little thinner.

A woman sitting in green knee-high socks with a flamingo toy on her knees

Getting a bit cold in the winter? Grab a pair of warm cotton terry socks from Rainbow Socks that will protect you against the cold – perfect to sleep and walk in! At Rainbow Socks, you’ll find a huge collection of premium socks, made out of high-quality materials,available at affordable prices!

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