The way to one’s heart is through their stomach

Through the stomach to the heart

Posted On: 2021-10-07

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Are you wondering what would be the best gift idea for your love? After all, giving is better than receiving, or so they say. You can express your feelings or steal their heart with a romantic (but far from cliché) gift. We’re here to toss in some food-related, tasteful ideas.

1. French romance

We say romance, you think … Paris, of course. The city of love and delicious pastry. Would you care for a croissant and a cup of black coffee? Because your loved one certainly would. There are cheaper ways to get in the Parisian mood than flight tickets. Our croissant socks are a perfect gift idea for your girlfriend, but they are unisex, so you can steal them away once in a while.

A man and a woman sitting in bed holding the cups and Croissant Socks Sets.

2. Go oriental  

Good gifts are usually original, so maybe it’s worth trying something exotic. You don’t need to go to Asia to have this oriental atmosphere for a perfect date. You can make sushi at home, and trust us, it’s a fascinating dish.

To get your darling into the right spirit, you better offer them a nice gift. Our sushi socks will do, as they are perfect for men and women. You probably haven't spent 10 years practising your cooking skills; it’s enough that you’ve spent five minutes buying the set! It will be much appreciated too.

A woman and a man in a restaurant holding the chopsticks and a Rainbow Sushi Set.

3. When you’re sweet on your sweetheart

Life is sweet when you’re in love. So why not express your feelings with something as delicious as your days with your loved one? Any sweet socks set you choose will cheer everyone up, as they combine cosiness and sweetness - two mood boosters.

 A man and a woman sharing chocolate, wearing a Rainbow White Chocolate socks set

4. When your definitions of romance differ 

It’s so typical - she expects going out to a fancy restaurant, he takes her to a fast-food one. If it has happened to you, we have a great gift idea for boyfriends like this. Give him our burger set, so next time you go on a date, he has it on his feet, not in his belly, and you can eat wherever you want.

We also have something for vegans, so there are nice things in store for everyone.

A man and a woman in a restaurant, sharing a Rainbow Burger Socks Set

5. Your first date reminder

Do you remember your first date? We bet it was in a café. It’s usually how first dates go - coy smiles, shy conversations, and a cup of coffee. Maybe you want to bring those memories back? You can do it more creatively. Coffee socks will be an unusual gift idea for your love. Maybe the anniversary is just around the corner? You better don’t forget about it and express love and care with comfy socks that would awake the memories of your first dates. Maybe even your first kiss?

A can next to a piece of cake and a glass with iced coffee socks inside

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