How to choose a gift tailored for personality

Rainbow Socks original ideas on how to match the gift according to your personality

Posted On: 2021-10-14

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Even the ancient Greeks knew that we’re not all the same and every person has their own traits of character, but most importantly, a different personality. Or humour, as Hippocrates liked to call it. He distinguished Four Humours, which were later developed by Galen and changed into personality types. First, perceived as fluids in the human body that need to be kept in balance now, they are just a set of character traits.

Why not celebrate our differences by giving each other gifts that suit best to our characters? If you need an idea, here you can find the sock personality gifts that will ideally match every one of four personalities.

1. Melancholic

Being melancholic is not a bad thing! People with such personalities are often described as thoughtful and considerate - caring, in other words. They are perceived as romantics, and who doesn’t like a bit of romance? If you want to gift a melancholic with something as thoughtful as they themselves are, our floral socks set in the form of roses will match a gentle soul like nothing else. Melancholics are often creative, and original socks are great to stimulate the imagination.

A man handing a woman a Rose Socks Box during a romantic dinner

2. Phlegmatic

A word that sounds like a cough but refers to a very common type of personality. Phlegmatics are considered calm and sometimes slow, even unemotional. They are not in a hurry - why rush with the rest of the world when life is already spinning faster and faster? It’s better to put on comfy lazy socks that are in the same spirit as phlegmatics and enjoy life as it is. That is what we call ideally matched to the personality gift.

A man and a woman with her feet up, wearing Lazy Socks Set, sitting on a couch.

3. Sanguine 

To live life to the fullest - that’s the idea behind every sanguine. It’s a type of personality that might be associated with bright colours, that is perceived as enriched by optimism, with a fun-loving attitude. A person who is sanguine is confident, cheerful, and energetic - sounds like the best owner of our Emoji Socks Box. Who would look better with smiley faces on their feet than someone who constantly has a wide smile on their face?

Feet in dark blue Emoji Socks with smiley emojis balancing a toy house

4. Choleric

A person with two sides. A choleric personality is usually characterized by leadership skills and a bad temper. A perfect personality gift for an impulsive choleric? Our Hot Pepper Socks Set. Whenever they go red, they will have a matching outfit … at least on their feet. Every extrovert choleric should appreciate such a gift that radiates with energy and bright colours. Appropriate for a doer in the type of choleric.

A couple of real peppers and two jars containing real peppers and Pepper Socks Set.

Finding a perfect personality gift is not as hard as it seemed to be five minutes ago, right? If you really know the person, a pair of socks matched to their personality will surely be the best idea you ever had. You can thank us later.

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