4 Thanksgiving ideas

Thankgiving day celebrations and activities with Rainbow Socks

Posted On: 2021-10-21

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Thanksgiving is the best time of year to, well, give thanks - to your family and friends. One of the best ways to express your gratitude and show your close ones what they mean to you is to spend some time with them.

If you don’t know any fun and pleasant activities for this festive time of year, we got you. Here are some ideas for the Thanksgiving celebration that are slightly more enjoyable than just eating a turkey (not that it’s not a great part).

1. Thanksgiving marathon

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to run - a movie marathon, of course. Binge-watching is a kind of entertainment for holidays - you have too much time on your hands, close ones next to you, and you can wear comfy clothes.

What’s a movie marathon without snacks and pizza? To make this Thanksgiving Day even better, gift your close ones with something unique, cool and practical - our Pizza Socks, in other words. 

With crazy socks on your feet, the smell of baked turkey in the air, and favorite movie on the TV screen, this will be your best Thanksgiving Day ever.

Lazy evening with Pizza Socks Box, movie marathon at home

2. Harvest bowling  

What would you say for jazzing theThanksgiving activities up and combining what’s best in the season? To make the day exciting and fun, we suggest you harvest bowling. You got it right - bowling with hay bales and pumpkins (or other round-shaped seasonal veggies).

Throw the boring bowling ball (that’s a tongue twister!) away and make your own fantastic bowling alley. Put the hay bales in a row along your driveway or pavement, arrange bowling pins at the end and flip them over in a pumpkin-spiced fun.

Oh, and don’t forget warm socks - preferably as crazy as your Thanksgiving activities. Maybe our Fun Socks will be good enough? They will also serve well as a gift for your family and friends.

Three people wearing Fun Socks and bowling

3. Candy corn ring toss 

The good old games are always the safe choice for family fun. Horseshoes game might not be as old as horses themselves, but not without reason, it’s a popular activity from generations.

On the upcoming Thanksgiving Day, you can make your version of the game - sweeter and safer (there are heavy horseshoes involved, after all). Use some plastic rings and corns painted in various colors - the merrier, the better. For this festive version of the game, wear an appropriate outfit. Our Sweet Socks are a must. Don’t forget to bring them for other players, too!

Three people wearing Sweet Socks with sweets scattered on the floor

4. Craziest Thanksgiving socks contest

You can compete with your close ones, but the crazies outfit competition is so cliché. Change rules a bit, and choose the craziest socks instead! What do you think, which of Rainbow Socks would crush the competition? Maybe a Croissant Setan Apple Pie Socks, or maybe you already have a pretender for the winning title?

Thanksgiving celebrations don’t have to be dull and typical. Use this day to have a great time with people you care about and surprise them with a gift like no other! Our Rainbow Socks will help you to give thanks during this ideal time for gratitude.

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