How to end the sock-losing cycle once and for all?

No more eaten socks by your washing maschine

Posted On: 2021-11-04

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Do you even remember how many times you bid a socks farewell forever when doing laundry, or have you already lost count? At first, you might have thought that it stayed in a laundry basket, but after a few more mysterious disappearances, you knew something was not right. Your socks are eaten in the laundry by your washing machine!

You might think you will never see again those already lost. But there is hope. Brace yourself for the next laundry and learn some tricks to save all of your socks.

Even if you think it's silly, missing socks are really ruthlessly devoured! Every washing machine has socks-liking parts, where careless underwear might get lost. They might be trapped under the agitator or the wash plate. Some of them are pushed into the filter, and the other socks hide in the rubber gasket in the door. To put it shortly - missing socks are probably stuck in parts of the laundry machine never seen before.

A person with Cotton Terry Socks on, sitting next to a full laundry basket.

Is there a way to stop the cycle of lost socks during the laundry? You’ll be relieved to hear that there is, and not only one. Here are some useful tricks to keep the socks in pairs and save them from eternal loneliness.

Use a laundry bag

Be smarter than your washing machine and put your precious Rainbow Socks in a laundry bag. Once they are all in one container, they will be safe. They say that strength is in numbers, so in a fight against missing socks, you should keep them together in one bag.

A closed bag simply saves the socks from getting tangled and stuck in different parts of the washing machine.

Lost Cheese Socks eaten by a wasching maschine

Use safety pins

If you pin a pair of socks together, there is nothing that could split them up. Not even a washing machine! Take each sock of the pair, put them together, and clip them with a pin. Lost socks during the laundry are not your problem anymore.

How to end sock-losing cycle once and for all?

You might take all safety measures there are, but one or two socks might get lost. That’s how it is, and you should accept it. After all, who said that all socks must be matching? Look at our funky Rainbow Socks. They look great even if they are not identical, like two different Moneybag Socks! You can mix them, even if they weren't lost in the laundry.

A person wearing two different Moneybag Socks and holding a bag with a dollar symbol.

We know that you love all your socks, especially if you have our Rainbow ones, so we tried our best to solve the mysterious case of socks eaten in the laundry. We gathered evidence, found all the places they could hide, and thought of tricks to outsmart the washing machines.

Even if you lose one of your socks, you can always wear two different ones. There are no rules for that, we’ve checked!

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