Christmas gifts ideas for friends and colleagues

Small gift ideas for colleagues and friends

Posted On: 2021-11-12

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Christmas time is all nice when you see a smile on somebody’s face as they are opening a carefully chosen present from you. It’s more or less like that when you're among your family, but what to do when the receiver is not so close to you?

We’ve prepared a guide through this complicated world of gift-giving among friends and colleagues. What to buy for someone you barely know because you only work together or attend the same classes?

Fret no more, as our suggestions are original, funny and suitable for all. Check our gift ideas that will save you from company Christmas distress.

1. An old-time-favorite - socks in Christmassy style

There’s no point in denying - everything Christmas-related is so typical and repetitive. We even watch the same movies over and over again. Look at “Home Alone”. Everybody has seen it dozens of times, everybody knows it by heart and complains that you all have to watch it… AGAIN! But you do watch it.

It’s the same as typical Christmas presents. Socks. We all have found them under a Christmas tree at least once.

Socks as a gift don’t have to be boring if it’s one of our 3-pairs Rainbow Socks Boxes. Our colourful socks will defenitely get everyone in mood for Christmas.

Two Rainbow Socks Christmas Sets and “Home Alone” shot.

2. Sweets

Sweets are always a good idea when it comes to Christmas presents. They are so universal that you can bring them to your colleagues and at school Christmas parties.

Gift your coworkers with some sweets, and they certainly won’t be disappointed. However, if they are currently on a diet, our Chocolate Socks will be a better choice.

This time of year is all about eating tasty food and baking delicious pies. If you gift your friends with our yummy-looking Cheesecake Socks, they can wear them when preparing Christmas food.
In case the Christmas pie goes wrong, you can replace it with a never-disappointing gift - our Apple Pie Socks.

 A collage of Rainbow Sweet Socks Boxes

3. Refreshing gift

If we’re talking about food-related gifts, a company Christmas party needs some refreshing drinks, right? If you bring our Socks in Cans Sets, all of your colleagues can take them home afterwards. There is something for everybody’s taste - a can of lemonade, coffee, Pepsi, and beer! 

Rainbow Socks Cans Sets

4. Safe snacks

During Christmas, there is so much food that people often restrict their diets at this time of year. No sweets, no snacks - what to bring along to celebrate Christmas with friends? What about calories-free, everybody’s favorite food - pizza. Calories-free, you ask? Yes, if you bring our!

Rainbow Pizza Slice Socks

5. Money

Christmas wishes are about happiness, health and money. What if we suggest bringing a money bag with you instead of just wishing it? Gift some of your friends with Rainbow Moneybag Socks, and observe a surprised expression on their faces! One thing is sure, they won’t be disappointed with a money bag.

Rainbow Moneybag Socks Set

Christmas presents can really be fun, practical and suitable for the person and occasion. No matter who is a receiver, if it's your close friend or almost a stranger, our Rainbow Socks will not be a disappointment! If you are on a tight budget, you can always check out our products under 15 euro.

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