Get really warm this winter

Winter is not as black as they say

Posted On: 2021-11-25

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We all know what’s coming. Dark, cold, snowy days of winter. For those who are always, habitually and constantly cold, a drop of temperature is a real nightmare. Thankfully, we know a few ways to chase cool winter away.

See our Rainbow techniques to warm up despite the hostile weather conditions.

1. Hot lemon tea and warm socks

We say that it’s better to attack the cold from two sides at once. From inside and outside. Warm your belly up with a cup of hot lemon tea with lemon, , and keep the warmth inside your body with a comfy pair of Rainbow Cotton Terry Socks.

Hot tea is undoubtedly a must during the autumn-winter season. It’s perfect for a movie night, evening with a book or straight before going to bed. It’s always a good time for a sip of tea.

A woman wearing grey Cotton Terry socks, sitting on a couch and holding a cup of coffee. 2. High-calorie meals

Additional calories might be useful to warm your body, but they like to stay longer than intended, on hips, arms and a bit everywhere.

When the weather outside is terrible, and every part of your body is freezing, bet on hot soups, tea and spices. Yes, spice up your everyday meals with ginger, cinnamon, chilli, garlic or turmeric. They not only make the dishes tasty, but also work well as a natural heater.

You know what high-calorie meals result in, so we have a better solution for you. Non-fattening carbs that will certainly warm you up - Pizza Socks in a box mix - Pepperoni, Italian, Hawaiian, all your favourite types! Comfy and healthy!

A couple holding a Rainbow Pizza & Beer Socks Set.

3. Hot chocolate

When it’s cold outside, you deserve a bit of a mood booster. Nothing works better than sweet chocolate, especially in the form of a hot beverage. You don’t have to avoid temptation this cool winter. Chocolate improves your brain’s activity, contains antioxidants, boosts serotonin and helps in lowering blood pressure. Of course, only in the right amount, and if you prefer to stay in shape, you can wear chocolate socks on your feet instead! You will feel as good as if you ate it.

Chocolate bars, a cup of coffee and Rainbow Chocolate Socks on a table.

4. How to warm up with a quick warm-up 

We know that unwrapping yourself from the soft blanket might be the last thing you want to do during cool winter, but trust us on this one. Nothing warms your body up better than a quick, but intensive warm-up.

Do some exercises, put your heart into it, and you will see that after a few minutes you will want to take some clothes off. Remember to stay safe and comfortable during your workout, so put Rainbow ABS Crew Socks with a non-slipper bottom, do push-up, squats or sit-ups.

A person doing push-ups in Rainbow ABS Crew Socks.

Maybe this winter is not as black as it is painted? It’s cold, yes, but you can easily warm yourself up with our Rainbow tips. Tell us, which idea for cool winter sounds best, and when are you planning to try it out? 

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