3 facts that prove socks’ ability to prolong your life

Longer and happier life with colourful socks on your feet

Posted On: 2021-12-09

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You might wonder what colourful socks have in common with success and long life? Well, they do have something, and more than you would expect. Such “mundane accessory”, a pair of socks and the long-time call for a better life - two completely unrelated aspects of human life, you would say.

Oh no, life is full of surprises, and those socks you underestimate might really ensure your longevity. See how!

1. Colourful socks are the measure of success

No, not because you can afford more pairs. It has nothing to do with financial status! Well, not everyone can indeed wear colourful socks, but the reasons are quite different.

Eccentric, cool, funky and colourful socks require courage. If you can wear them and show them around, this means that you are ambitious, bold, daring and with the spirit of a leader. Sound like a straight road to success. When you are successful, you have way higher chances for a long and happy life.

Do you want to try if you are daring enough to wear cool socks? You can start with Moneybag Socks to attract real money, or put on Geometric Socks that will energize and motivate you with their bright patterns and colours. 

Businessman and Businesswoman wearing colourful geometric socks

2. Colours go hand in hand with self-confidence

Putting on colourful socks requires the right spirit, but once they’re on, your confidence goes up. If you stand out with your fun socks in the ocean of black and grey pairs, you certainly are an eye-catcher.

When you don’t care what they think and express yourself through socks with pride, you gain a lot of self-confidence and have a better, longer life. Try out our dashing Cotton Crew pair or comfortable Cotton Socks in bright colours that go well with a suit and tie!

A group of friends wearing colourful cotton crew socks

3. Laughter is the best medicine - we’re dead serious!

If you don’t believe us, you better believe in science. Scientists have proved that laughter is indeed the best medicine. It impacts the mood, hormones and such, which leads to memory improvement, strengthens your heart, reduces pain and even helps the brain to operate better. It’s all due to a few good jokes!

You don’t have to be a comedian to make some else laugh. You can gift them with our crazy Rainbow Socks. Imagine how funny it would be if they tried to take a bite of our Burger Socks or Fries Socks.

Bring Pizza Socks to a party and watch how amused would be those confused guests who had only wanted to take a “slice”.

Women wearing funny and colourful socks looking like a real burger

Now you know a desired secret of longevity. No need to thank us, but make sure that you live your life to the fullest and go shopping for Rainbow Socks.

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