Active winter - spending time outdoors on cold days

Posted On: 2022-01-13

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Do you have to bury yourself under the pile of blankets when it’s freezing outside? Of course not, there is a great number of activities and winter sports for you to try! One winter might not be enough for them all.

Go out, get the warmest hat and socks on, and spend this active winter outdoors! Alone or with your family, doesn’t matter, as long as you’re not watching snow only from your window.

1. Do you want to build a snowman or go sledging?

Sing along with the Frozen character, Anna, and ask your family if they want to build a snowman (who doesn’t know that song?). After all, it’s the favourite winter activity of all kids. Who’s to say that adults can’t make their own snowman? These “grown-up kids” even make the sculptures out of them! You can give it a try, too. The same applies to sledging - it’s no less fun when you’re an adult.

There’s only one thing you’ll need when building a snowman or sledging - warm clothes. Gloves, hats, and really comfortable socks to keep cold away from your feet. We have something just fine -  a cotton pair for the youngest and knee-high socks for the older!

Girl wearing pink cotton knee-high socks

2. What about skiing?

As surprising as it might sound, some people wait for these cold months to arrive - mostly skiers and snowboard lovers. Winter sports have their own charm, we have to admit. If you only know how to use your skis, this is a great idea for a nice time outdoors.

We hope that we don't need to remind you about warm socks on a slope. A cotton pair for active winter will be just perfect. 

After the effort with the skies, you deserve a treat. Hot chocolate on a slope will taste like heaven - the calories don’t count there.

Happy woman eating chocolate and holding Rainbow Socks

3. Quick march - not a marathon, but it's all about good intentions

Even simple exercises are better than none, especially in winter. A quick but intensive walk will rush your bloodstream, and you will feel much warmer. Don’t rely only on your body to keep you warm but take care of proper clothing, too. Warm socks, as you probably already know, are a must.

Colourful, fun socks have yet another advantage. They will certainly encourage you to move around a bit by energizing you with their bright shades and patterns. When you’re out, make your walk a pleasant experience and catch beautiful, snowy views. You can capture them on your camera, too. Winter wonderland is a great opportunity for a marvellous photoshoot if you are up for it!

Woman and Man having photograpic session with camera socks box

Winter is not as bad as you think. It’s cold, true, but warm clothes and comfortable socks are enough to enjoy brisk, fresh air. Active winter can be a truly pleasant season! Just don't forget about some physical activity, even if the weather is not in your favour.

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