How to make a minimalist happy?

How to make every minimalist happy?

Posted On: 2022-02-17

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What exactly is minimalism? Does less of everything mean that you need to give up even on some essentials? We resolve your doubts - minimalism, also referred to as simple living, is about increasing self-sufficiency, so actually, your definition of what’s essential becomes redefined. Getting rid of unnecessary goods positively influences everyday life. People become happier, healthier and focus more on family and relationships rather than possessions. It comes down to simplicity, but not asceticism and inconvenience.

The problems start when you have to pick a gift for a minimalist. What to give a person that does not need much? Typical presents might not fit in with their philosophy, so it’s a tough nut to crack. We recommend choosing something aesthetic but practical because fun and pretty is not always an answer.

Man wondering what to buy as a gift for a minimalist?1. How to be original but indistinct?

We keep saying that colourful socks are fantastic, but they are not for everybody - some people just prefer neutral and mellow tones. Our Rainbow Socks are prepared for everything, and we can suggest a small gift even for a dedicated minimalist. You can easily choose a classic pair made of the softest bamboo or socks in a neutral colour palette.

When buying a gift for a minimalist, you don’t have to give up patterns! We have something just perfect in the best colour combination possible. Is there anything more in the spirit of simplicity than black and white socks? The best part is, they are classic but with a little twist. You can pick a black and white box with a dalmatian motif, a penguin version or go for a panda (every box has another pair with a different animal - check out for yourself!).

Black and White Animal Socks Box: Dalmatian and Cow – ideal gift for minimalist2. Quality and practicality - two golden features of our one-pair sets

You might spend days wondering if a minimalist friend would be happy with a colourful gift. Don’t waste time thinking about it and buy a practical but slightly goofy gift. A lover of simplicity will appreciate this one fun pair of socks if it’s of the best quality, such as ours! Even a minimalist must like a piece of tasty cheesecake, a bite of flavoursome cheese or a slice of pizza. You can’t tell us that there is a person who loves simplicity more than chocolate! What about money? Even minimalists need it.

Moneybag Socks Box - pactical gift for everyone who loves funny and original gifts

As you can see, minimalists are not as black as they are painted - although they don’t need much to be happy, and it might be challenging to buy them something, there is always an idea for a small gift. We can help you match a present to a person, even based on their personality. Do you want to know how? Check our article on this subject!

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