An ideal gift - is it real? 4 Golden rules

How to be sure that the gift we give will be perfect?

Posted On: 2022-02-17

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We all dread the thought of receiving an unconsidered gift, and the real terror comes when we can be the ones who give thoughtless and non-ideal presents. After all, gift-giving allows expressing sincere and warm feelings for another person, and we want to show that we care. Sometimes it is challenging to choose a suitable and original gift. Every person at some point must have wondered whether an ideal present even exists.

So, does it? Is there a possibility to carefully and perfectly select a gift for anyone? Yes, of course! All you have to do is stick to our tips and guidelines because we know a little something about gift-giving.

Happy woman after receiving cactus socks box

1. A useful gift might be too useful.

We know that practical presents always seem like a good choice. When you don’t know what to buy, it seems only logical to pick a thing that will prove to be valuable. It’s better than deciding on a gift that will end up locked in a closet. Sometimes, people don’t know when to stop being practical.

A pot, pan or cleaning set might be practical, but a recipient of a present can buy all these items themselves. An ideal gift needs to be surprising, and it should bring a smile to a person’s face. It might be useful, but above all, it needs to be pleasant and fun. What’s the thing that combines practicality and originality? Rainbow Socks, of course. A popcorn set for a film lover, or maybe a pair for a football fan? Practical and with a twist. What can seem more useful than a toilet paper that’s actually a pair of socks? The possibilities are quite vast!

Toilet Paper Socks Box – funny gift for someone with a sense of humour

2. Personalized does not mean personal

Sometimes people tend to cross the line when it comes to picking a good gift. They seem to confuse personalized and personal presents. The former is not the same as the latter! It’s crucial to know the difference and see the line between a nice, thoughtful gift and an inconvenient present, especially if a recipient is only a friend or colleague.
To let yourself be creative, you need to be close with the person you give presents to. Look at our burger socks.  They will be a hit gift for a person on a diet, but only when they do not treat themselves too seriously. The same amount of humour is required in case of our other tempting food socks, like fries socks box or tasty noodles. You can also decide on a safer choice, like a salad box

If you’re not sure of the person’s reaction, or you’re simply not that close, a better choice would one of our “safe” boxes full of flowers or with a bit of fun inside. 

Colourful and Funny Party Socks Box, perfect gift for men and women

3. The price should be high enough

An ideal gift needs to be expensive, but not overpriced - leave real bargains for another time. Try to pay enough for the present you chose. Although we always try to hide the price and cut off the price tags, it does not mean it is of no importance.

Any good gift should be of high quality but not too luxurious to avoid making someone embarrassed. Everyone has a different perception of price and money, an expensive item can be a good deal for someone else. In Rainbow Socks, we took care of that. You can find a lot of different categories in our store with gift ideas in different price ranges and sizes of the boxes! You can go for a quick snack, a one-bite socks box, a whole lunch or a crazy takeaway meal!

Movie set socks box – ideal gift for movie lover

4. Stay neutral

If you want your present to be a true hit gift, you can’t offend anyone with it. No one likes to be forced and persuaded to change, especially with a present that ought to be nice! Unpleasantness is the antonym of a gift. You need to remember that people can think differently, and the thing you like is not that likeable for others.

You ought to be neutral with your gift. Remember, you will never persuade a pizza  lover to visit a gym and start exercising by buying them a pair of sports socks. You can’t force anyone to do anything, even if you are trying to do the right thing, but you will certainly make that person happy by offering them one of our delicious pairs

Burger Socks Box, delicious original gift for men and women

Finding an ideal gift might be a bit more demanding than you would expect, but we’ve just proved that it’s not impossible! Next time you go gift-hunting, don’t worry, just follow our tips, and you will meet the expectations of your close ones. 

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