Spring refreshment in your wardrobe - all the colours are back!

Refresh you wardrobe – colourful and wild spring 2022

Posted On: 2022-03-17

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Are you a fashion fanatic who follows all the changing trends, or maybe you simply wish to look in vogue wherever you go? Whatever is the answer, we are sure that you want to know the fashion trends 2022 for spring that is literally around the corner.

This year, we could not be more excited. The colours are back! Tones, pigments, only colours and even more colours. Well, not just dull shades, but the ones that will let you see the Rainbow (Socks) through every cloud and always cheer you up!

Dopamine dressing

This spring, we say no to everything that’s monotonous, bland and boring. Why let the mood go down when you can bring yourself up with some invigorating and energizing colours? That’s what fashion trends like dopamine dressing are all about.

Bright colours, bold patterns and unusual combinations are trendy this year, so you can really let your imagination go wild. If you’re not sure yet if that’s the right path for you, get familiar with the idea behind dopamine dressing. Patterns and lively colours are so cheerful that they will improve your mood and increase dopamine production. What’s happier than the happiness hormone?

Although we do love our pastel boxes, this year we need to say goodbye to them (not forever!). As soon as we feel the sun on our faces and warmth in the air, we jump in colourful wild socks or flash the gorgeous patterns around. Join us!

Woman wearing energetic Wild Socks with tiger pattern

Cowboy goth

We said colours, and now we bring goths back? That’s confusing. Well, these are no ordinary goths that will take over the fashion trends 2022. This time, there are more patterns, surprising accessories and sub-styles. There is one that caught our eye in particular - cowboy goth. Does it sound like something you would like to try out? You don’t have to revolutionize the whole wardrobe. We have something better - not exactly a pair of colourful socks, but definitely boldly patterned ones! Check out the socks box in the right black and white colour palette, but with the best motifs for a cowboy goth.

Man wearing cow socks in a cowboy goth style

Let yourself be visible and go over the top

If bright colours are the theme of the upcoming spring, we think that you should not limit your creativity. If you want to be visible and catch the eye of everyone, extraordinary accessories are what you will precisely need. However, if you are not ready to shine brightly from your head to toe, you can start with socks. Here, in Rainbow Socks, you will find as many bright pairs as you want.

What would you say for a pair of socks that are not only glowing and dazzling in colours, but they are also in two different patterns? One lovely pair, two completely distinct socks? We think it sounds marvellous, just perfect for the spring trends ahead of us.

Man and woman wearing green funny cactus socks

There is one word that sums up the upcoming trends for spring - creativity. We love it here in Rainbow Socks, that’s why we are excited about the months to come. If you want to be fashionable but still express yourself and your individuality, we can’t think of a better way than through a pair of socks. Buy them now to be ready for spring!

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