Is your child complaining every morning? Pull their socks up!

Small gifts for children - to make them complain less in the morning

Posted On: 2022-03-24

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Every parent knows that getting a child ready for school is not an easy task. There are fights and quarrels, complaining and whining, maybe a bit of crying and running away. You can have everything prepared to make the morning routine as quick and painless as possible, but if your little one decides that something’s not right, all is lost anyway.

You can either arm yourself with patience (tons of it) or find a way to interest your child and encourage getting up and getting dressed in no time. Sounds impossible? Well, we know a little something about protesting kids, and we have a few tips for that. As usual, our socks are the answer!

Boring clothes are overrated, and we are not surprised that children don’t want to waste time putting on regular socks. The solution is simple, then. Pick your little one an interesting pair of socks for children to make wearing them a fun experience!

Sushi socks

Which child would not like to unpack a whole set of socks that look like sushi? Even we can’t resist. If you want to attract the attention of your kid in the morning and encourage them to put on at least a pair of socks, we recommend you our children’s menu. These colourful socks will certainly make a difference in your routine.

Mum and children playing with sushi socks for kids


If you have a boy or a girl that loves cars, trucks, and all kinds of vehicles, we can’t think of anything better to get their interest than a pair of car socks. It’s a marvellous solution, a bit of a 2-in-1 set with a toy. A child can play with the packaging while you put their socks on, and the morning instantly gets better.

Dad and Son playing with cars and wearing colourful socks

Something for a mum and a daughter

Every little girl wants to be like her mum. They often steal some clothes and makeup accessories to feel as if they were the grown-ups. It seems that a perfect gift for children who love to imitate their mums would be a set of matching socks. We have something just perfect for a little princess and her beloved mother! If you have these socks on, your daughter will want to put hers as well, you’ll see.

Colourful cotton ruffle socks for mum and daughter, matchy-matchy outfit

Patterned socks for school

As your child is getting ready for school, a pair of themed socks will be a great start to the day. Whenever your little one doesn’t want to get dressed, bring out all the school socks you have and pick one pair together. Make some fun out of everyday routine, and let your kid be excited about putting socks on. They will want to know what subject they will wear today, literature, geometry, or maybe geography? There will be no complaining.

Children school socks for boy and girl to match everyday outfit

Everything is easy, even persuading a little child to put on their socks every morning, if only you know how to approach this task with creativity. With our Rainbow Socks, no kid will avoid picking a pair of children’s socks out of such fun options!

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