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Low budget gift ideas by Rainbow Socks

Posted On: 2022-09-29

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How many times have you begun a quest to find this one perfect gift for someone you love, only to find that your budget is too low for all the best options? It might seem that finding a reasonably-priced and stunning gift is a mission impossible. Is it really?

Whether you are searching for small cheap gifts or your budget is currently lower than you wish it was, there is still hope for you to find something extraordinary. Don’t give up on gifts, even when the odds are not in your favour! In Rainbow Socks, we even have a separate category for those who want to spend less and get this perfect present. The “gifts under 15 EUR” category is what you are looking for!

A man and a woman playing cards with Rainbow card set socks.

A gift as sweet as a bite of chocolate

Who doesn’t like the taste of sweets? If you’re raising your hand right now, you are simply lying, admit it. Chocolate is this one and maybe the only thing in the world that suits the tastes of everybody. There is even this saying that goes - you can’t satisfy everyone, you are not a bar of chocolate… or something like that.

This delicious, heavenly Belgian treat is available in Rainbow Socks not in one, but in three different versions of small gift boxes - to suit not only every taste but also every pocket. What do you choose? A bar of tempting dark chocolate, a bite of creamy milk one or a sweet white chocolate box? Oh, so mouth-watering!

A woman choosing a bar of Rainbow chocolate socks out of three offered by another woman

A socks-full dose of caffeine

We all know that one person who claims that a morning without a cup of strong espresso is not a good start of their day. Maybe you are the one that loves relaxing with a glass of tasty caffe latte with a nice book in hand? What about a gossip session with your friend - what do you drink then? We bet it’s a cup of delicious cappuccino! If you still think that coffee is not our best companion, just think about what is there on your desk at work next to this pile of papers to fill. Yes, a large glass of black and energizing Americano!

Where would we be without these cups of strong black coffee that keep us going… We all so love this beverage. Can you think of any better small gift ideas?

A woman in a coffee shop taking a cup of Rainbow coffee socks from a barista.

A sock-refreshing gift

When it’s hot outside, or you have just finished a training session, what’s the best option to cool your body down? Some drink in a can, of course! If you always go for a cool can on a hot day, you should opt for one when choosing cheap gifts that will still surprise and excite you.

On the Rainbow Socks website, you will find the products that will steal your heart and tuck your feet in. Sounds interesting? It is - you can choose a can of bitter-sweet lemonade, invigorating tasty iced coffee, or a can of your favourite Pepsi. There is also something perfect for a Friday night - a can of beer!

Three young people taking selfie pictures in a city with cans of Pepsi Rainbow Socks.

Now you see that small gift ideas can beat the expensive presents and be even more surprising, fun and practical. That’s all a gift needs, it does not have to intimidate with its price tag. Here, we can offer you a variety of small gift boxes for every occasion at affordable prices - not only food-related. If you don’t have money to buy something spectacular, you can simply gift somebody with a moneybag! Or help somebody invest in our Rainbow S(t)ock Exchange like a pro!

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