Socks - in pairs, organized, folded and ready to wear. Sounds like a dream?

When organizing your wardrobe, you might encounter some difficulties - socks. How to keep them in pairs and within reach? Learn our tricks and tips.

2023-06-29 Rainbowsocks blog
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Find your method of folding socks!

There are many ways to fold and store socks, but no one said you need to keep it ordinary. Use our ideas to keep your socks in a drawer in an organized but fun way.

2023-06-15 Rainbowsocks blog
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On foot to someone’s heart - can you win someone over with a pair of socks?

Can you catch feelings for someone simply because they have a pair of great socks on? Our verdict is positive. What’s more, if you choose socks for him and for her as a little gift, your success is practically certain!

2023-05-25 Rainbowsocks blog
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Can you live without socks?

A day without socks is a wasted day for us. If you know someone who also follows this principle, be sure to check out what unique sock gift you can give them – even without any special occasion.

2023-05-13 Rainbowsocks blog
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How many pairs of socks do you need?

Check our Rainbow Socks store and pick the right pairs for your character, job, and hobbies. We offer a variety of thematic boxes that you can wear in pairs or as mismatched socks. There’s something good for everyone!

2023-04-20 Rainbowsocks blog
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Who invented socks — through history on foot

All types of socks, through their history, travelled the world, fought battles, danced, ran, and accompanied people and kept them warm and comfortable. That’s why we love them so much. Of course, we wished to have a hand in their history.

2023-04-07 Rainbowsocks blog
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Socks that are state-of-the-art — for full-time and amateur artists!

We hope you know now that if you are looking for a gift for art lovers, you couldn’t have come to a better, more creative place! We have a pair for every artist you can think of, and if you are still unimpressed, just check our artistic category! You will be amazed.

2023-03-23 Rainbowsocks blog
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What are crew socks? Because length matters

We have colourful cotton socks for every occasion, from non-binding, through sports pairs and gift boxes — all in the comfy mid-calf length.

2023-03-09 Rainbowsocks blog
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Two words we use too rarely. Do you remember to say thank you?

If you are not sure which pair would suit someone best, we have a great solution for that problem as well. We can present you with a universal “thank you” gift idea, a nicely packed “thank you” socks pair. They can perfectly convey a message you wish to communicate....

2023-02-16 Rainbowsocks blog
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Pack light and set off on a journey! Easier said than done?

We can’t think of a better pair for your travels than our national socks. They are comfortable, stylish, and decorated with the symbols of several countries, which might give an idea of which one to visit next!

2023-01-26 Rainbowsocks blog
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