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    Pepsi x Rainbow Socks 1 Pair

    14.99 €

    CANNED SOCKS - Pepsi® deliciously fizzy and, best served with ice, sweet, but refreshing Pepsi. You’re already taking a sip? Wait, haven’t you noticed these are socks! The can indistinguishably resembles the original can that hides its the unique caramel contents. This time, it’s not a drink, but a pair of socks featuring the with a Coke design and Pepsi logo. Amuse your friends with an original gadget! The available sizes are: EU 36-40 / UK 4-7 / US 5.5-9, EU 41-46 / UK 7.5-11 / US 9.5-13 and EU 47-50 / UK 11.5-14.5 / US 13.5-15.

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    Beer Socks 1 pair

    11.99 €

    Refreshing, sparkling, with foamy froth, in an amber shade... What's your favourite beer? Take this unique can and let yourself be amazed. Inside, you'll find something extremely delectable, yet be cautious, don't attempt to drink it! Simply take out these amazing beer socks and let them cheer you up and! A gift with a dose of humor is always a good idea. Socks in a can that look just like a real, tasty beer are a great option for every beer fan. Who wouldn't like to have them? They are just perfect for both your friend who amateurly brews beer in the cellar and your abstainer friend. All things considered, our "drink" is totally soft, and its taste is perfect for many different occasions  ;)

  • Iced Lemonade Socks 1 pair

    11.99 €

    Iced Cold Lemonade Socks are a genuine reward for everybody who loves a healthy lifestyle! This tasty lemonade contains no sugar. It is made of crystal clear water, fresh lemons, fragrant mint, and ice cubes. Furthermore, obviously, cotton! How is it possible? A metal can contains a unique surprise from Rainbow Socks. Open the can, take out the magnificent lemon socks, and let them refresh you for an entire day! Simply don't make a mistake and don't try to drink them, they're just perfect refreshment for your feet ;)

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    Burger Socks Box 2 pairs

    15.99 €

    Would you like to taste our unique burger socks? - Medium rare, blue, or well-done? If you know the meaning of those terms, this is a sign that the burger socks are for you!

  • Tortilla Wrap Socks 2 pairs

    15.99 €

    That's a real tortilla! - The box opens just like every box with a tortilla wrap but, instead of a tasty snack, it contains fresh veggies, juicy beef with tasty homemade sauce as well as crunchy hot tortilla made of socks! And that's the only one sock! The other one is fully made of tasty tortilla that will never stop looking great! Thanks to those fresh ingredients, our funny socks will make a great gift for almost everybody and for many different occasions such as Christmas, birthday or even valentine's day! If you like to surprise your friends, our Tortilla-socks are the best idea! Additionally, they are the healthiest fast food you can get!

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    Vegan Burger Socks Box 2 pairs

    15.99 €

    Are you a burger enthusiast but also a vegan? Are you looking for a perfect tasty bun, fresh crunchy veggies, and tasty sauce? Are you ready for a totally new and vegan meal? If yes, we would like to introduce you to a new product in our shop – Burger Vegan Socks Box. They are perfect for every vegan who likes to share their food with others in a new original way! 

  • Pizza Socks Box Slice 1 pair: Vegetarian

    9.99 €

    Delicious vegetarian pizza on your feet? Why not! Vegetarian Pizza Socks Box Slice is a carefully recreated pizza box with a cool looking pair of socks inside. Colourful prints on them look exactly like pizza. If you always want to have a slice of pizza on hand, oh sorry!.. on feet, our Pizza Socks is perfect for you! These funny and bright socks look cool in every outfit, even if it's an elegant suit.

  • Sushi Socks Box 1 Pair: Salmon

    9.99 €

    As real sushi lovers, we tried to combine our love for that traditional Japanese meal with the love for funny and bright socks. That's how our Sushi Socks Box was born. Each and every sushi lover will find something unique for themselves. If you love crazy socks and tasty Japanese sushi, this product is just perfect for you!

  • Pizza Socks Box Slice 1 pair: Capriciosa

    9.99 €

    Can you think of a person who does not like pizza? We neither! And this time we would like to introduce you to our newest product – a line of socks inspired by a single slice of pizza. This time we got inspired by classic Capricciosa. Our socks are characterized by bright colours and original patterns that are not printed but fully embroidered that's why they are durable and comfortable to wear even after many different washing cycles.

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    Milk Chocolate Socks Box 1 pair

    12.99 €

    Milk Chocolate Socks - You can't live a single day without chocolate? Are you looking for a perfect bar of chocolate that is not only sweet but also healthy and fit? Chocolate Socks Box is here for you! Designed specially to satisfy every gourmand!

  • JAR SOCKS Strawberries Blueberries
    Product available with different options

    Jar Socks: Strawberries & Blueberries 2 pairs

    19.99 €

    Jar Socks by Rainbow Socks are socks inspired by all tasty food stored in household jars. Our main goal was to design ultra-bright socks that are pleasant to wear and made of materials of the highest quality and served in a way that the world hadn't seen yet.  Thanks to our efforts, we made a unique and prepared to hand over the present. Additionally, we use plastic containers which are a unique idea themselves. Our first line of Jar by Rainbow Socks is characterized by ultra-bright hues and patterns - yellow lemons in, green pea with an orange carrot, green pickles, and red and green peppers. Each container contains two rolled pairs of our socks - one pattern is fully visible outside of a jar, and the second one is rolled-up inside and ready to be discovered.

  • Sushi Socks Box 2 Pairs: Tamago Maki Oshinko

    17.99 €

    Do you love sushi as we do? Can you imagine your favourite meal always near you? If yes, we've got something special for you! Our Sushi Socks Box consists of two high-quality pairs of socks inspired by Tamago maki and nigiri. They are characterized by their bright vibrant colours and unique patterns that cannot be found anywhere else! The socks are made of top materials such as certified with the OEKO-TEX certificate combed cotton, provided by our trusty suppliers from genuine sources. We love fashion, that's why we designed our socks to be easy to combine with many different outfits both casual and formal. Socks are a great ready-made gift for many different occasions. Surprise nearest and dearest with original and unique sushi and provide them with a fashionable and comfortable accessory

A best friend will enjoy a gift that only you could choose for them. Speaking of ideas, what about an idea for a regular, guilt-free cheat day? It can be pizza with cheesy cheese and various toppings, even mixed ones. A burger with a crispy bun, meat and vegan. As well as rice and fish in the form of a sushi set, even for a large group of friends. If it's not going to be a shared dinner, maybe going out for a beer, which turns into a Saturday night party? Remember the time spent together thanks to Rainbow Socks all week. Because you can party all week, not just at the weekend. Not only with a group of friends, but also alone. Not only at the club or at a house party, but also at work. Hawaiian vibes, disco rhythms or BBQ chillout? For some, having fun can mean competition. 3 dart throws on target, a bowling strike, and a billiard ball into the pocket! Theoretically a holiday that everyone has once a year - a birthday, with us birthday boy or birthday girl can celebrate 365 days or even longer! Funny gifts are the best idea for everyone, including the practical joker. Rainbow Socks have unique designs and high quality, certified OEKO-TEX yarns. In addition to distinctive packaging, patterns and a wide range of colours: from white to black, through all colours, our socks are simply comfortable and durable. Rainbow Socks - Where feet and colours meet.