Our team combines the passion for colourful socks with a level of creativity that is difficult to tame. We have plenty of outstanding ideas, and we implement the best ones in our extraordinary projects. The ace up our sleeve is gift masterpieces, which, owing to their magical packaging and unique designs, will cheer up even the biggest pessimist. 

Everyone will find something for themselves - Rainbow Socks is not only about classic cotton socks, but mostly about products dedicated to the most demanding customers.



Who: Cyprian

Responsibilities: He finds himself wondering about this, sometimes, but team members know he solves issues that no one wants to take care of ... He’s a top-notch motivator, and pays close attention to the well-being of all team members!

Favourite socks: Neo Rainbow Socks for running, Burger Socks for everyday use. 

Main target: Making sure Rainbow Socks are available in  all countries around the world. Is it even possible?! Great news – we’re closer than ever :) 

This year he will take Rainbow Socks: On a trip in a convertible around a sunny island – guess those socks can’t complain!

Socks in the drawer: Each member of the family has different tactics: his wife folds socks into neat pancakes, he folds them into precise triangles, and their son prefers creative chaos! 

Neo Rainbow SocksBurger Rainbowsocks


Who: Gosia

Responsibilities: Supervising - the work of her team, creating new sock designs, whenever she gets inspired, selling wholesale to countries all around the world, and organising and organising - work time for herself and for others. She’s also a key organiser of company documents: everything has to stay in order! To sum up - she makes sure that the sock train is always on the right track.

Favourite socks: Sweet Socks Box, which is a bit odd, as she’s not really got a sweet tooth!

This year she will take Rainbow Socks: to the city nicknamed ‘the museum under the sky’ owing to the world’s highest concentration of monuments in one area ... do you know where? 

Main target: There are plenty, but at the moment: making Rainbow Socks a globally recognised brand.

Socks in the drawer: Neatly paired. Hmm...Is folding them into neat pancakes doable?!

Sweet Box Rainbowsocks


Who: Monia

Responsibilities: Creating marketing content and helping to conjure up new products.

Favourite socks: Milk Chocolate Box

This year she will take Rainbow Socks: to Kyrgyzstan, where they’ve not yet been. We haven’t either... she’ll fill us in on the details after she’s back!

Main target: Everyone dreaming about socks for Christmas! 

Socks in the drawer: Folds socks into balls and unfolds them only when they match her blouse.

Who: Monika

Responsibilities: Analysing, comparing; she would eagerly put the whole world in an Excel sheet if she could!

Favourite socks: warm, soft Terry Colour socks that she wears in the evening to the beach, to bed, on trekking trips ... literally everywhere!

This year she will take Rainbow Socks: to Pol’and’Rock Festival.

Main target: Bringing joy and smiles to everyone’s faces!

Socks in the drawer: Always in pairs.

Who: Aga

Responsibilities: Makes sure creative ideas born in team members’ minds are implemented as soon as possible.

Favourite socks: Coffee Jar - as a former  coffee pro, no surprises there!  

This year she will take Rainbow Socks: On most trips where she’s looking for great coffee. 

Main target: Prove to the biggest sceptics that a good pair of socks is the best gift idea for every occasion.

Socks in the drawer: Not loyal to their pairs - every opening of the drawer is a ceremony of matching two socks. Only the length has to match! 

Who: Lila or, Leela

Responsibilities: Observes the world carefully and then creates sublime, creative micro-textile masterpieces which are always on our feet! 

Favourite socks: As the biggest fan of Elle Woods who proves that pink and glitter can be worn by strong women and real fighters - NEO ABS Glitter: anywhere & forever! 

This year she will take Rainbow Socks: to Malta… and to the Baltic beaches in her hometown, Szczecin.

Main target: Her biggest dream is to create socks’ paradise where people of all ages will wear Rainbow Socks – from the astonishing Tatra mountains in Poland to breathtakingly beautiful mediterranean beaches! 

Socks in the drawer: Hidden somewhere in this empire of pink and glitter.

Neon Glitter Socks

Who: Jola

Responsibilities: Order processing guardian, keeping abreast of the latest trends in marketing. 

Favourite socks: Pepperoni Jar socks

This year she will take Rainbow Socks: to Belgium, where they’ll experience an Erasmus adventure together.

Main target: Convincing people that socks are an important everyday outfit element and don’t have to be invisible!

Socks in the drawer: They always seem to have trouble finding their opposites :(

Who: Paulina

Responsibilities: Exploring the tasks of the online team, earching for a spot to shine.

Favourite socks: Wild Socks Box guaranteeing a dose of positive wild energy that she mixes at her pleasure. 

This year she will take Rainbow Socks: To Paris - where even the most extravagant pairing of socks won’t surprise anyone. 

Main target:  Convincing everyone that socks can improve mood - not only of a person wearing them, but also of all people who spot them!  

Socks in the drawer: There are so many whose matching counterpart was eaten by sock monsters. Fortunately, that’s all right. They can still come in handy. She combines the loners into new and unique pairs.

Who: Julia

Responsibilities: Takes care of our precious customers, on her way to become a pro at finding solutions to all of their problems!

Favourite socks: Sushi Socks Box, salmon in particular.

This year she will take Rainbow Socks: Somewhere to her favourite continent so far, Asia.

Main target: Raising awareness of socks’ importance!

Socks in the drawer: At first glance organised, but if you dig deeper…


Who: Marzena

Responsibilities: Figures and bills aren’t alien to her - an accountant who always supports logistics activities.

Favourite socks: Strawberry Jar socks

This year she will take Rainbow Socks:  as of today, to the allotment gardens, maybe farther - we’ll see what the future brings :)

Main target: Making sure that everyone gets their socks under the Christmas tree.

Socks in the drawer: Always paired. 

Strawberry Jar Socks

Who: Marta

Responsibilities: Coordinating logistics activities so that the socks are available in warehouses all around the world and making sure that everyone has access to their dream socks.

Favourite socks: Pizza Socks Box

This year she will take Rainbow Socks: to our moody Baltic Sea - they will warm up the atmosphere ;)

Main target: Making the recipient experience “children's joy” – similar to when you eat the most delicious sweet.

Socks in the drawer: They don’t land inside until they are ironed.

Pizza Rainbowsocks

Who: Ania

Responsibilities: Counting, calculating, balancing, and informing us about our tax liabilities, which is always the reason for the management’s torments. 

Favourite socks: Ladies Socks Box

This year she will take Rainbow Socks: to the Tax Office, where cheerful officials work - well, we’ll take her word for it...

Main target: Seeing an Eskimo wearing colourful socks. 

Socks in the drawer: Waiting for their turn and appropriate mood. 

Ladies Socks Box