Our team combines the passion for colourful socks with a level of creativity that is difficult to tame. We have plenty of outstanding ideas, and we implement the best ones in our extraordinary projects – socks for men and women with unique packaging. The ace up our sleeve is gifts in a box masterpieces, which, owing to their magical packaging and unique designs, will cheer up even the biggest pessimist. 

Everyone will find something for themselves – Rainbow Socks is not only about classic cotton socks, but mostly about products dedicated to the most demanding customers: bamboo fibre socks, socks with ABS grips, and socks for children.


Head of the family

Who: Cyprian

RESPONSIBILITIES: Cyprian is the head of our sock family. Sometimes, he finds himself wondering what his responsibilities really are. But all the team members know – he solves all the tough issues that no one wants to take care of! He’s a top-notch motivator, paying a lot of attention to the well-being of all team members.

FAVOURITE PAIR OF SOCKS: When asked about his favourite pair of socks, he had to think twice before giving the answer – after all, our socks portfolio is impressive! But the winners are… NEON Sport Socks , for running or workouts at the gym, and Burger Socks  – he can wear them every day!

Burger Socks and Neon Sport Socks - favourite socks of CEO of Rainbow Socks

MAIN TARGET: As a CEO, Cyprian puts his expectations really high – he wants our colourful gifts in a box to be available all around the world one day, making everyone impressed by our products with unique packaging. Is it even possible? Well, just to let you know –we’re closer than ever! :)

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: He says that each member of his family has different tactics of folding socks: his wife folds them into neat pancakes, he prefers to make them into nice little triangles, while their son loves creating artistic chaos out of his socks!

THIS YEAR HE WILL TAKE HIS RAINBOW SOCKS: On a convertible trip around a sunny island. Well, all we can do is to envy the socks such an expedition! 

The mother of success

Who: Gosia 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Gosia monitors things, overthinks, and is the master of supervision. Even the tiniest of mistakes won’t escape her attention. She checks the daily work of her marketing team, creates new socks designs whenever she gets inspired, and accepts the outstanding gift ideas from the project team members. Gosia handles wholesale distribution all around the world and cooperates with other sock sellers - – if you’re interested, don’t hesitate and let her know at [email protected]. Finally, she loves organising: work time for herself and other team members, not to mention taking care of company documents – everything has to stay in order. As you can see – she makes sure that the sock train is always on the right track daily!

FAVOURITE SOCKS: Gosia is a real fan of French breakfast. Her personal leaders in our socks portfolio are the wonderful gift ideas for women – precisely, folded chocolate croissant socks  accompanied by the most delicious cappuccino , which can brighten up your daily outfit.

Gosia's favourite socks: Croissant Socks Box and Cappuccino Socks

MAIN TARGET: There are plenty of them – you cannot rest on your laurels. But what she seeks for the most is that everyone knows… what Rainbow Socks tastes like. :)

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: Neatly paired. Hmm… Gosia, are you maybe folding them into neat pancakes?!

THIS YEAR SHE WILL TAKE RAINBOW SOCKS: Somewhere  where you can eat the most delicious croissant in the world and take a sip of the best coffee. We bet every woman feels jealous right now! 


Who: Zbyszek

RESPONSIBILITIES: Company’s operational management. Every day, he’s the first one to tackle basic problems, looking after the entire team. A proud speaker at the weekly team meetings. Always the one asking how we are doing and how our work is going. Looks after good rapport among the team members. You know, he's always on the ball and can handle almost anything – from logistics, to accounting and projects, to analytics… And that’s not everything! In the meantime, he’s working on another brand – SIBINULO.

FAVOURITE PAIR OF SOCKS: Zbyszek has lately started pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Next to all our sports socks motivating him to keep fit, he’s crazy about one of our green gift ideas! Any guesses? You can find them in the vegan category!

Zbyszek's favourite Salad Socks Box

MAIN TARGET: His biggest dream is to create a strong team of creative helpers and make sure there are enough hands to help our original colourful socks – not only the gift ideas – reach all countries around the world.

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: Always paired and ordered following specific rules. You’ll find them divided into three categories: everyday socks, socks for a special occasion, and new socks – the ones waiting for their turn to be unpacked!

THIS YEAR HE WILL TAKE RAINBOW SOCKS: He hopes that this summer the wind will carry him to the sunny Sicily. 


Who: Monia 

RESPONSIBILITIES: On a daily basis, Monia comes up with the best gift socks ideas and their original packaging. She has no equal in finding out which socks will be ideal for a birthday gift and which ones will be a top choice to put under the Christmas tree. Also, from time to time, she helps our marketing team create captivating content.

FAVOURITE SOCKS: It’s obvious that as a real sweet gourmet, her favourite pair hides in our desserts … These delicious chocolate sweets are really popular in Belgium. There are many different types: milk, dark, and white . Do you know which socks gift in a box we’re talking about?

Monia's favourite pair of socks - milk chocolate socks box

Who: Julka 

RESPONSIBILITIES: The last person (for now) in our project management trio. Julka is also taking care of socks projects so that all amazing gift ideas turn into reality as soon as possible. She’s also our Facebook Ads specialist – another creative supporter in our marketing team.

FAVOURITE SOCKS: Although she cannot be called the master of gardening, Julka loves flowers. Her favourite pair of socks? One of our newest arrivals  – soft and totally harmless Cactus Socks!

Julia's favourite socks - Cactus Socks Box

MAIN TARGET: Every time she hears socks are a boring gift idea, she gets angry, so her biggest dream is to flip the stereotype saying that socks are only an easy way out as Christmas gifts. Any arguments for her theory? You can find some on our blog.

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: Her socks are obedient. Every time you look at them, they stick to their pair!

THIS YEAR SHE WILL TAKE HER RAINBOW SOCKS: To Ultimate Frisbee Tournament – have you ever heard about this sport ? If not, you’d better catch up because our Rainbow Socks have lately visited Belgium! 


Who: Jola 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Solves the mystery of SEO, reaches out to you via email at least once a week, and comes up with a new marketing solution every day –  all of that for the world to hear about our extraordinary socks gift ideas!

FAVOURITE SOCKS: She doesn’t like boredom and can’t stay in one place for long. That’s why two socks that look the same are definitely not for her. Her first choice is Cheese Socks Box  cause she can create any combination with them: mouse-mouse, mouse-cheese, or cheese-cheese pairs. What a perfect socks match for her crazy personality !

Jola's favourite socks - Cheese Socks Box

MAIN TARGET: She love’s fashion and wants to convince people all over the world that socks are an important  element of everyday outfits – that’s why you should never hide them! Three cheers to fashion socks extravaganza

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: That’s a bit of a sad story, but they always seem to have trouble finding their second half :(

THIS YEAR SHE WILL TAKE RAINBOW SOCKS: To the Netherlands and Israel for sure. Somewhere else? Definitely! What you should know is  that her Rainbow Socks keep her company every time she changes her residence – they’ve already been to Belgium  and Italy!

Who: Paulina 

RESPONSIBILITIES: On a daily basis, she's an invaluable master of being up-to-date with the newest trends spotted on Social Media. She’s also the best video maker in the company and keeps an eye on our Instagram  content. During her free-time, although she barely has it, she’s constantly looking for new tasks that will allow her to shine and be a real expert.

FAVOURITE SOCKS: She’s a real volcano of energy! She loves wearing Wild Socks Box  – the most vivid and wild socks in our socks boxes  category. These colourful socks guarantee a dose of positive wild energy that she mixes at her pleasure.

Paulina's favourite socks - Wild Socks Box

MAIN TARGET: Since she can remember, she’s been buying socks as a gift for birthdays and Christmas for her family and best friends. Why? She’s pretty sure that socks can improve mood – not only for a person wearing them but also for all people who spot them! Her main goal? She wants to convince you she’s right.

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: There are so many whose matching counterpart has been eaten by sock monsters. Fortunately, that’s all right. They can still come in handy. She combines the loners into new and unique pairs.

THIS YEAR SHE WILL TAKE RAINBOW SOCKS: As every few months, they’ll see Paris – a place where even the most extravagant pairing of socks won’t surprise anyone!


Who: Robert 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Whenever you’ll have a problem with your order, you should know that you can keep calm. Robert is the person who keeps an eye on the delivery of our socks gifts in a box and reacts quickly every time he notices something’s going wrong!

FAVOURITE SOCKS: As a real fan of cinema, he can spend all of his free time watching movies at home or hanging around with his friends at the cinema, having fun together. What does it have in common with his sock preferences? Good movie without a little snack  is not the same!

Robert's favourite pair of socks - Popcorn Socks Box

MAIN TARGET: He wishes he would never run out of socks for the rest of his life. Obviously, he wishes you the same! 

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: Pairs specially grouped – a different pair of socks for different occasions.

THIS YEAR HE WILL TAKE RAINBOW SOCKS: They’ll go on a hitchhiking trip together. Where? We’ll see where his feet take them!


Who: Marzena 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Accounting. What else can we say – she’s finding problems we had no idea they even existed… She’s really fast and precise in solving them!

FAVOURITE SOCKS: The socks she loves are the best gift idea for women – not only for Valentine’s Day but also for Mother’s Day and for birthday gifts. They’re probably the most beautiful and feminine socks in our portfolio. Need another hint? These red roses definitely can last forever!

Marzena's favourite pair of socks - Roses Socks Box

MAIN TARGET: Obviously, she wishes all of you to have the best Christmas gift under your Christmas tree every year. But in this department also one more thing counts – both the orders and the numbers need to add up.  

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: In this case, she accepts some oversights – sometimes her socks are looking for their pairs.

THIS YEAR SHE WILL TAKE RAINBOW SOCKS: If you’ve never heard about this place before, it’s high time to catch up. She’ll bring her family and socks to the Masuria – a Polish region known for the most beautiful glacial lakes.

Who: Ania 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Counting, calculating, balancing, and informing the team about our tax liabilities, which is always the reason for the management’s torments. 

FAVOURITE SOCKS: Another socks box  which consists of 3 pairs of colourful socks, pleasing the eye of every woman – Ladies Socks Box.

Ania's favourite pair of socks - Ladies Socks Box

MAIN TARGET: Colourful socks are in fashion lately, everyone wears them! Ania’s biggest dream? She would love to see an Eskimo wearing our Rainbow socks! Well, a bit difficult, but our entire team is curious what they’d love more – the design or the original packaging!

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: Her socks are patient. They obediently wait for their turn and definitely for the mood… Don’t forget that socks are the best accessories to express your feelings without saying a word!  

THIS YEAR SHE WILL TAKE HER RAINBOW SOCKS: They’ll have an amazing adventure and go to the Tax Office where only cheerful officials work. Well, ok if she thinks so, we’ll take her word for it. Anyway, we’re not jealous about this particular trip of Rainbow Socks.


Who: Przemek 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Aiming to reach every destination in the world with our extraordinary gift socks in boxes asks for someone who’ll keep an eye on deliveries. Przemek is undoubtedly one of the heroes ensuring our socks reach their final destination – no matter whether it is Europe or another continent – in a perfect condition and inside undamaged packaging!

FAVOURITE SOCKS: You’ll find them in our Tasty category , in the Fast Food  precisely. Once he saw these yellow socks, he almost ate them! Any ideas what we are talking about? A hint – you can order them with a beer  and burger!

Przemek's favourite pair of socks - Fries Socks Box

MAIN TARGET: Show the whole world how much joy can one item bring when offered as a gift, not to mention two (or even more) colourful cotton items inside the box!

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: Since our Rainbow Socks portfolio grows fast, his socks slowly start asking for more space…

THIS YEAR HE WILL TAKE RAINBOW SOCKS: To the sunny Turkey – they also need some sun and relaxation. 

Who: Marta 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Coordinating logistics activities, ensuring that the socks are available in warehouses all around the world and that everyone has access to their dream socks in a unique packaging.

FAVOURITE SOCKS: The ones that have already stolen the hearts of most of our customers. The typical Italian treat… When asked about her favourite topping: vegetarian, Hawaiian, pepperoni, capricciosa, Italian, seafood, or one of the mixes , she just answers “Pizza is Pizza, I love it in every form!”

Marta's favourite pair of socks  Pizza Socks Box

MAIN TARGET: The most important thing for her is the customer experience. She wants to turn it into “children’s joy” – the one similar to when you eat the most delicious sweet.  That’s why we always appreciate your honest opinions about socks gift ideas. 

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: Before they land in the right place, they need to be ironed. No exceptions, our friends!

THIS YEAR SHE WILL TAKE RAINBOW SOCKS: To our moody Baltic Sea – they’ll warm  up the atmosphere.


Who: Marcin 

RESPONSIBILITIES: He’s the one who makes products available on the e-shelves! A lot of thanks, our dear friend!

FAVOURITE SOCKS: Classic, non-classic Black&White Animals Socks Box. Why? They’re not the easiest to style, but they will definitely match every outfit!

Marcin's favourite socks - Black & White Animals Socks Box

MAIN TARGET: He wants everyone around the globe to order our pizza as an outstanding gift for their best friends with our Free Worldwide Delivery

SOCKS IN THE DRAWER: Always arranged in a specific colour order. Wow, impressive having to deal with such colourful socks, isn’t it?

THIS YEAR HE WILL TAKE RAINBOW SOCKS: This place is in the southernmost part of Europe. Any ideas where that might be?