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We have made wholesale cooperation possible since 2019. So far, we’ve gained the trust of almost 40 companies – not only from Europe, but also from the other side of the Atlantic. Rainbow Socks products are available in different places – shopping malls, small boutiques, weekend fairs, souvenir shops, Christmas markets, and… even nearby the ski lifts in the Alps!

Hiszpania, Niemcy, Dominikana, Portugalia, Niderlandy, Węgry, Belgia, Teneryfa, Słowacja, USA, Francja, Włochy, Szwajcaria, Wielka Brytania, Polska

Our experience proves that our socks are a unique gift idea for literally everyone – no matter their nationality. Are you curious which ones are going to win the hearts of your customers? Check it!
By joining our forces, we can achieve our goal faster – we will reach every corner of the world with our colourful socks.

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Rainbow Socks story in a nutshell

In 2014, a couple – Gosia and Cyprian, under different circumstances and events, came up with the idea to combine their two biggest passions: love for sushi and colourful socks. They’ve decided to leave the corporations and start their own business. That’s how the first, and still one of the best-selling, products –  Sushi Socks Box – came to be. This was also the moment when we started a global revolution on the socks market and began the trend for food socks.

The success of the socks that looked like real sushi went beyond our expectations. Some clients didn’t even want to open them because they fell in love with the way they were folded! We decided then to give other food socks from the worldwide menu a try. That’s how other bestsellers – Pizza Socks Box, Burger Socks Box, Beer Can Socks, or Chocolate Socks Box – were created.

Rainbow Socks’ portfolio of gift socks is constantly growing, now not only thanks to the new food socks projects, but also to the lines referring to hobbies. A real traveller will definitely be curious about our National Socks Box, while a real sportsman will not miss the opportunity to check out the collection of Socks Balls. We offer a wide range of products for people with hobbies, and we’ve placed all of them in our Hobby category


Rainbow Socks is a real sock kingdom where everyone will find something for themselves. We offer our customers colourful cotton socks that will become an ideal gift for every occasion. These are high-quality products, divided into categories based on their special qualities: