Low cut sports coolmax socks


The new era of sports socks

Coolmax sports socks for women and men are socks that take the comfort of your training to the next level. Thanks to a special fibre, the foot can breathe easily. This means that sweat is wicked away. Thus, reducing the risk of infection and increasing the pleasure of exercising.

  • Colours: white, black, red, grey, yellow
  • EU sizes: 36-38, 39-41, 42-43, 44-46
  • Number of pairs in the set: 2, 3, 5
  • Composition: 42% Coolmax, 25% Cotton, 21% Polyamide, 9% Polypropylene, 3% Lycra

If you prefer higher socks for exercising, check out the coolmax long socks here.

  • 2 Pairs - white & orange
  • 2 Pairs - white & green
  • 2 Pairs - red
  • 2 Pairs - gray & red
  • 2 Pairs - green & orange
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3, 2, 1... LET’S START!

You love moving and are keen on physical activity? We’ve got something for you! Comfortable low cut socks with an innovative Coolmax fibre. You can choose 2–, 3–, or 5–pair sets. Each of them contains socks in one or several energetic hues. Coolmax Socks come in: EU 36–38; US 5.5–7; UK 4–6; EU 39–41; US 8–9.5; UK 6.5–8; EU 42–43; US 10–11; UK 8.5–9.5; EU 44–46; US 11.5–13; UK 11–14.


Regardless of the sport you do, you always go all out! That’s why your clothes need to keep up. Just like Coolmax Socks – made of 43% innovative combed cotton which wicks the moisture away to evaporate. Both at the sports hall and during an outdoor workout, your feet will remain dry. Wear our low cut socks and forget about the moisture, now you’re unstoppable!


Especially if you’re working out with your friends! You can motivate each other, and when there are important occasions – give each other presents. It’d be cool if these were both practical and beautiful. Why not going for socks with a quality certificate? Coolmax Socks by Rainbow Socks have a few of them: not only do we sew with appropriate fibres, we also create products that fulfil Coolmax requirements up to the highest standards!


These will help you quickly learn the most laborious exercises. We know a few different ones: our tricks allow us to create comfortable socks with great composition and destination. You’ll appreciate them even during a daylong walk on a mountain trail or a marathon. Your feet will come out brand new of every physical activity – Coolmax Socks will cope in all conditions!


Both amateurs and professionals, who turned sport into their passion. It doesn’t matter which group you represent! You still deserve the appreciation and top–quality sports clothes. They’ll help make your workouts and attaining new goals easier. Achieve them with us! Choose Low Cut Coolmax Socks. The innovative composition will always keep up with you, and the cut will ensure a fashionable look and unhindered movements.


Data sheet

42% coolmax, 25% cotton, 21% polyamide, 9% polypropylene, 3% lycra

Specific References



SIZE EU US UK Foot length
UNISEX (S) 36-40 5, 5-9 4-7 23-25, 5
UNISEX (L) 41-46 9, 5-13 7, 5-11 26-29, 5
XL 47-50 13, 5-16 11, 5-14, 5 30-31, 5



EU US UK Foot length
36-38 5,5-7 4-6 23-24
39-41 8-9,5 6,5-8 24,5-26
42-43 10-11 8,5-9,5 26,5-27,5
44-46 11,5-13 10-11,5 28-29,5
47-50 13,5-16 12-14,5 30-31,5


EU Suggested age
US UK Foot length
24-29 2-5 7-12 7-11 14,5-18
30-35 6-9 13-4 11,5-2,5 18,5-22


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