Neon non slip sports socks with ABS grips


Catch the attention by training!

Women's and men's sports non-slip socks are a piece worthy of a special place in your wardrobe. The reason is not only the energising, neon colours of these socks. Their properties matter. In colourful cotton socks, you can exercise safely and comfortably without your shoes on, reducing the risk of slipping.

  • Colours: white and pink abs, white and black abs, black and red abs, fuchsia and blue abs, blue and green abs, navy blue and green abs, orange and green abs, yellow and orange abs, green and orange abs
  • EU sizes: 36-38, 39-41, 42-43, 44-46, 47-50
  • Number of pairs in the set: 1, 2, 4, 8
  • Composition: 80% Modified Sports Polyester, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane + Silicone Grips

Let these socks take your workout to the next level of comfort!

  • black
  • orange
  • green
  • fuchsia
  • navy blue
  • yellow
  • white with black grips
  • white with pink grips
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We would like to introduce you to the socks designed especially for all sports enthusiasts, ideal for many different sport disciplines from PE classes to advanced workouts. Thanks to the ABS layer on the bottom of the socks, they provide additional adhesion to the surface and are just ideal for activities such as yoga, Pilates, or fitness. In addition to that, the socks are perfect for dance classes, gymnastics or acrobatics. Thanks to the reinforced structure, the socks by Rainbow Socks are also ideal for martial arts workouts such as karate, judo, aikido as well as capoeira.


We designed sports socks with special care for the safety of the wearer. To protect the skin from the overheating as well as cold we used sports polyester with thermoregulatory properties. It wicks the moister outside and dries quickly what increases hygiene and comfort. Thanks to the mesh surface the skin can breathe freely. Additionally, we included an extra elastic arch to keep the socks in place. The soft half-terry material keeps the foot warm. The stability and safety of movement are provided by the anti-skid ABS layer made of the Italian silicone. The anti-skid layer is spread over the entire sole. 


We decided to spice up the socks design with extremely fashionable neon colour in contrasting sets. Thanks to the eye-catching colours you will feel motivated to work harder. Our socks are an absolute must-have for every athlete who loves fashion and hot trends. The socks are ankle length and look great combined with sports shoes. The socks are not only comfortable to wear but also ensure a slender look of your feet.


Neon Rainbow Socks are another addition to our long line of anti-skid socks. We are a family business located in Central Europe. To make sure that our socks are of the highest quality we have been developing our strict production standards for generations. Each and every detail has been carefully designed and polished to provide our customers with the socks of the highest quality. The socks are perfect for professional as well as hobby use


The Neon Rainbow Socks collection consists of the socks available in eye-catching fashionable neon colours such as yellow, orange, blue, pink, and more toned shades like black and white, in different sizes. Thanks to the vast choice of colours the socks have the unisex character and are appropriate both for men and women. Our ABS Neon socks are a great gift idea for every sports enthusiast, both hobbyist and professional.



Data sheet

80% Modified Sports Polyester, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane + Silicone Grips

Specific References



SIZE EU US UK Foot length
UNISEX (S) 36-40 5, 5-9 4-7 23-25, 5
UNISEX (L) 41-46 9, 5-13 7, 5-11 26-29, 5
XL 47-50 13, 5-16 11, 5-14, 5 30-31, 5



EU US UK Foot length
36-38 5,5-7 4-6 23-24
39-41 8-9,5 6,5-8 24,5-26
42-43 10-11 8,5-9,5 26,5-27,5
44-46 11,5-13 10-11,5 28-29,5
47-50 13,5-16 12-14,5 30-31,5


EU Suggested age
US UK Foot length
24-29 2-5 7-12 7-11 14,5-18
30-35 6-9 13-4 11,5-2,5 18,5-22


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