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As a company, we try to adjust our offer to all needs of our clients. We are aware of the problem of the lack of specialized socks for people with various different health problems. Our line of the socks that are recommended for all of those who have sensitive skin is the answer to their needs. Our delicate socks are characterized by extra soft materials and a special sewing method that does not irritate the skin and does not pack it. The socks are made of breathable fabrics that have been additionally tested and certified with the OKEO-TEX certificate which is an international mark of the fabrics of the highest quality. Our socks are ideal for everyone who searches for comfort, safety, and stability. The socks are available in a vast range of colors and sizes and can be easily matched with many different outfits. Additionally, their unisex character makes them just perfect for both men and women. The socks are a perfect option for elderly people, people suffering from various different diseases such as diabetes or leg swelling, or simply by everyone who searches for comfort and solace throughout a day. Rainbow Socks - where feet and colours meet.