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We believe that the best socks are worn with a smile, that's why we want to provide our customers with the socks that they can rely on. The special collection of the socks designed especially for everyone who requirest special care is the answer to the needs of our customers. Our casual socks have been designed especially for everyone who struggles with sensitive feet. The socks are made of delicate, yet durable fabric, and the special sewing method ensures comfort and solace even during a long day of wearing. The socks ensure safety, the optimal ventilation level, and most importantly comfort of wearing. They are recommended for everyday use for everyone who has to face problems such as leg swelling or circulation problems. They are just perfect for elderly people, diabetics, and everyone who seeks solace and comfort on a daily basis. Their plain design and a vast range of colours and sizes make them perfect for everyone. Additionally, their unisex character makes them perfect for both men and women. Rainbow Socks - where feet and colours meet.