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  • Moneybag Socks Box 1 Pair

    9.99 €

    Feel like a Leprechaun carrying a pot of gold. We offer you a bag full of gold, which nobody can steal from you. This is a unique pair of socks, one of them is a classical moneybag with a dollar sign and a second one with coins, which you can hide inside the first one. But don't worry that they are not just decorative element, they still look good together on your feet and are extremely comfortable.

  • Football Socks Box 1 Pair

    15.99 €

    Score a goal, football socks! - These cotton socks are different than any other pair of socks you own. They are fully designed to resemble football - one of the most exciting and loved by many games. Available in various different sizes they are perfect for every football player who needs a special winning charm. The set consists of a pair of socks designed to resemble the pitch and football players.