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  • Firefighter Socks Box 2 Pairs

    15.99 €

    You’re a fan of firefighters or you know someone who works as one? You’d like to give them an exceptional present? You’re in the right place! The box looking like a real Firefighter hides 2 pairs of socks – one with firefighting tools and equipment and one fiery with a design of flames. Open the compartment and see a real fire hose! The socks are available in sizes: EU 36-40/UK 4-7EU 41-46/UK 7,5-11, EU 47-50/UK 12-14.

  • Toilet Paper Socks Box 2 Pairs

    16.99 €

    Soft, white, smooth, durable... What’s your favourite toilet paper? Are you ready for its brand new edition?! Inside an original box, you’ll find socks imitating a toilet paper roll. You can choose from 2 options of white socks with funny captions. “Don’t rush the process, good things take time” and “No matter the throne, a king is a king.” Available in sizes: EU 36-40 / US 5.5-9, EU 41-46 / US 9.5-13, EU 47-50 / US 13.5-15.

  • Floral Socks
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    Roses Socks Box 2 Pairs

    17.99 €

    This new addition to our vast selection of socks is just perfect for every lover of romantic pattens with an original and fashionable twist. Our set is originally packed in alluring original packages that for sure will impress every girl and woman! The set consists of two beautiful and comfortable pairs, originally folded to resemble real roses. The socks are available in a vast selection of sizes.

  • Black and White Animals Socks Box: Dalmatian & Cow 2 Pairs

    17.99 €

    The socks are designed for the enthusiasts of one of a kind socks. Our socks were inspired by those species that can be found in two fundamental colours. A Dalmatian and a bovine, a zebra and a panda, and a penguin and an orca coordinate each other thanks to their colour scheme. Each and every pattern is outstanding and looks extraordinary on your foot. The animals look like painted – but the designs are fully embroidered not printed. It guarantees high durability of patterns and assures that they won't come off. These are real cotton works of art!

  • Black and White Animals Socks Box: Penguin & Orca 2 Pairs

    17.99 €

    This time we decided to calm down a little and design something more down to earth, yet intriguing and visually appealing. Our black and white socks collection is fully inspired by nature and for sure will be perfect for each and every animal lover. The socks are made fully of high-quality combed cotton. This time we took our inspiration from the most contrasting animal such as orcas, penguins, dalmatians, bovines, zebras, and pandas. The highly contrasting patterns of those animals let us design classy and original socks with black and white animal designs. All socks are fully embroidered not printed, which increases their quality and durability even after many different washing cycles.

  • Black and White Animals Socks Box: Panda &Zebra 2 Pairs

    17.99 €

    It's not a secret that most of our patterns are inspired by nature. This time we devoted the whole line to animal prints that are inspired by the most interesting animals that have characteristic colours, they are only black and white. This monochrome line consists of socks inspired by dalmatians, bovines, zebras, pandas, penguins, and orcas. We make sure to provide our customers with socks that are not only practical but also durable, that's why all patterns of our socks are embroidered not printed. Thanks to that, the socks don't lose their aesthetic values even after many different washing cycles.