Sweet socks box 3 pairs


Candies, ice cream, and lollipops without calories. Yes, they exist!

Searching for a birthday gift for her? Maybe she’s on a diet and counting every calorie? These sweets in a box will be just perfect. Socks for women in pastel colours – both beautiful and practical!

  • 3 pairs of cotton socks
  • Ideal Christmas gift for her – a ready-made gift
  • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46
  • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

Socks for women with the patterns of sweets are a perfect gift for every girl. Regardless if she’s on a diet or not – it doesn’t matter at all!

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Do you know anyone who doesn't like sweets? Or maybe you, yourself, have a sweet tooth? We've prepared something special for you! These original bright socks have no sugar, yet they are extremely sweet and tasty! Every fashion lover and sweets enthusiast will be satisfied with this unique design. The socks are an absolute must-have for everyone who loves fashion and unconventional designs. To make sure that everyone can enjoy sweets on their feet, our socks are available in two size options.


Do you have a sweet tooth but you're on a diet? That's not a problem anymore! Thanks to our new and original socks design, you can enjoy your favourite sweet snacks without any guilt! Sweet Socks Box is a dream gift for everyone who loves original, colourful patterns on their socks. The set consists of three pairs of originally folded socks, packed in a unique hexagonal box. Thanks to the original package, the Sweet Socks Box is a perfect ready-made gift for many different occasions!


The socks for sure can add a dose of style for almost every outfit. They look great with a pair of light jeans, but can also be a nice finishing touch to a formal and smart wearing. The socks can be freely mixed and combined which each other, which makes them a perfect accessory for everybody who likes to play with fashion and style. Additionally, they are not only visually appealing but also extremely comfortable and can easily be worn throughout the day.


We are proud to fully produce our socks in Europe what results in the high quality of our products, safety, and clear origins of our socks. We make sure to use materials of the highest quality such as certified with the OEKO-TEX certificate combed cotton. Cotton is one of the best materials used to produce textiles. It is safe for the skin and increases the comfort of clothes. Thanks to our huge experience and strict production standards, we are able to offer our customers socks of the highest quality.


Sometimes picking the right snack might be really hard. Our socks come in three different pastel colours such as baby pink, baby blue, and lavender. They all have embroidered patterns on them such as tasty ice creams, lollipops, or cupcakes! You can freely mix and combined them, which results in unlimited tasty options. Add a dose of sugar to your everyday wardrobe with our sweet socks!



Data sheet

80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane

Specific References



SIZE EU US UK Foot length
UNISEX (S) 36-40 5, 5-9 4-7 23-25, 5
UNISEX (L) 41-46 9, 5-13 7, 5-11 26-29, 5
XL 47-50 13, 5-16 11, 5-14, 5 30-31, 5



EU US UK Foot length
36-38 5,5-7 4-6 23-24
39-41 8-9,5 6,5-8 24,5-26
42-43 10-11 8,5-9,5 26,5-27,5
44-46 11,5-13 10-11,5 28-29,5
47-50 13,5-16 12-14,5 30-31,5


EU Suggested age
US UK Foot length
24-29 2-5 7-12 7-11 14,5-18
30-35 6-9 13-4 11,5-2,5 18,5-22


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