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    Pepsi x Rainbow Socks 1 Pair


    CANNED SOCKS - Pepsi® deliciously fizzy and, best served with ice, sweet, but refreshing Pepsi. You’re already taking a sip? Wait, haven’t you noticed these are socks! The can indistinguishably resembles the original can that hides its the unique caramel contents. This time, it’s not a drink, but a pair of socks featuring the with a Coke design and Pepsi logo. Amuse your friends with an original gadget! The available sizes are: EU 36-40 / UK 4-7 / US 5.5-9, EU 41-46 / UK 7.5-11 / US 9.5-13 and EU 47-50 / UK 11.5-14.5 / US 13.5-15.

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    Beer Socks 1 pair


    Refreshing, sparkling, with foamy froth, in an amber shade... What's your favourite beer? Take this unique can and let yourself be amazed. Inside, you'll find something extremely delectable, yet be cautious, don't attempt to drink it! Simply take out these amazing beer socks and let them cheer you up and! A gift with a dose of humor is always a good idea. Socks in a can that look just like a real, tasty beer are a great option for every beer fan. Who wouldn't like to have them? They are just perfect for both your friend who amateurly brews beer in the cellar and your abstainer friend. All things considered, our "drink" is totally soft, and its taste is perfect for many different occasions  ;)

  • Iced Lemonade Socks 1 pair


    Iced Cold Lemonade Socks are a genuine reward for everybody who loves a healthy lifestyle! This tasty lemonade contains no sugar. It is made of crystal clear water, fresh lemons, fragrant mint, and ice cubes. Furthermore, obviously, cotton! How is it possible? A metal can contains a unique surprise from Rainbow Socks. Open the can, take out the magnificent lemon socks, and let them refresh you for an entire day! Simply don't make a mistake and don't try to drink them, they're just perfect refreshment for your feet ;)

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    Iced Coffee Socks 1 pair


    Do you start every morning with a cup of delectable espresso? Do you love the scent of sweet-smelling coffee beans? Finally, there's a new and unique way to express your affection for espresso! Our socks inspired by Iced Coffee Socks in a can make an ideal present for all espresso enthusiasts. The socks for sure will add energy and won't affect your blood pressure – after all, they don't contain caffeine ;) Coffee Socks by Rainbow Socks are available packed in a stylish can that is an instant gift box. You don't need to worry about the fine paper and ribbons, because the can itself make a perfect gift box.

Can you open cans without a can opener? Actually, yes! All you need to do is just go to our can drinks category and taste new socks versions of well-known refreshing drinks. Looking for some beer gifts for your man? You couldn’t have found a better place. Our beer socks will be a wonderful present not only for his birthday but also for other occasions during the year such as Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas. What is more, we contend that our beer is good for health, has the least calories (actually zero) and definitely will not make him fat! Lemonade is a popular drink, right? We can’t imagine a warm summer’s day without it and you couldn’t have as well – everyone knows how lemonade can hydrate you. However, who said that we should limit consumption to hot summer’s days?! Rainbow’s lemonade is an example of a product which can be consumed every day no matter the weather outside. And what about coffee? Does it really make you sleepy? The one served at for sure not. Our Iced Coffee Socks will keep you awake all day long thanks to their colourful patterns which give you a boost of energy every time you look at them! All of our amazing socks looking like soft drinks closed in cans are available in a wide range of sizes. Starting from EU 36-40/ US 5,5-9 through  EU 41-46/ US 9,5-13 and ending on EU 47-50/ US 13,5-16, we ensure you that you will find the best unisex gift which will be comfortable for every recipient. Our gift ideas are not only fashionable but also they are the symbol of good quality. Rainbow Socks products made of 80% cotton and additionally certified with OEKO-TEX which proves that the materials come from reliable sources. Rainbow Socks – where feet and colours meet!