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    Iced Coffee Socks 1 pair

    11.99 €

    Do you start every morning with a cup of delectable espresso? Do you love the scent of sweet-smelling coffee beans? Finally, there's a new and unique way to express your affection for espresso! Our socks inspired by Iced Coffee Socks in a can make an ideal present for all espresso enthusiasts. The socks for sure will add energy and won't affect your blood pressure – after all, they don't contain caffeine ;) Coffee Socks by Rainbow Socks are available packed in a stylish can that is an instant gift box. You don't need to worry about the fine paper and ribbons, because the can itself make a perfect gift box.

  • Jar Socks: Coffee 2 pairs

    19.99 €

    Are you a fan of freshly brewed dark and tasty coffee? You can't imagine your mornings without this great beverage? Your kitchen could not exist without a jar full of dark coffee beans rich in flavour? If at least one of these things is true, we have something special for you! From now on, you can enjoy your favourite drink not only in your favourite cup but also on your feet! We would like to introduce you to our newest product – Coffee Jar Socks.

  • Coffee Americano Socks 1 Pair

    13.99 €

    Is there anything better than starting your day with a cup of rich, black coffee? What if we told you that you can get your extra boost of energy in the morning, without that 2nd espresso shot? Boom – Coffee Americano Socks! A pair of high quality cotton socks with the pattern of your favourite morning pick-me-up – sure to bring a smile to your face every time you open your drawer on a Monday morning! Available in: EU 36-40, EU 41-46 and EU 47-50.

  • Caffe Latte Socks 1 Pair

    13.99 €

    Drinking coffee should almost be like a ceremony. You walk into your favourite coffeehouse  and head straight for the barista who always welcomes you with a smile and the same sentence as the first day: “Good morning Sir, would you like your latte here, or to go?”.  You pay, sit in a comfy armchair wondering what latte art pattern you’re going to get today... will it be a heart, a little rosette, or maybe something surprising this time?

  • Coffee Cappuccino Socks 1 Pair

    13.99 €

    What’s the difference between a caffe latte and a cappuccino? The real cappuccino fan may be getting a little antsy at this point  – because it should be pretty obvious! How can you compare perfectly foamed – within precisely 8 seconds – milk to anything else?! We don’t know either, dear friend! A cappuccino decorated with a little bit of coca on top is the best coffee drink ever.

  • Coffee Espresso Socks 1 Pair

    12.99 €

    It’s 06:00 in the morning, your alarm goes off, and you’re struggling not to hit ‘snooze’. What happens next? You can’t give up your morning coffee … You made that mistake yesterday, and you know how that felt.! And yet it only takes 5 minutes to choose your blend of the day, grind it finely, fill the portafilter and wait for your elegant espresso cup to be filled with energy generated under a pressure of 9-10 bar! Is there a more beautiful prospect in the morning? We think not!

Do you know someone who is a fan of coffee? Like a HUGE fan? You couldn’t have found a better place! In our coffee subcategory, you’ll find not only perfect gift ideas for Christmas but also propositions of presents for Happy Birthday: starting from espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino and even coffee in a jar. But who said that colourful socks have to be a gift?! You can wear our coffee socks every day, all day long and make your outfit more fashionable. Normally drinking so much caffeine will not be recommended but our drinks without caffeine are totally healthy. So, dear friend, you can have it all! Iced Coffee in a can will become a perfect gift for someone born in summer or the one who always chooses Iced Caffe Latte when it is hot outside. Do you start a day with a shot of espresso? Start it with two more… espresso socks on your feet. Or maybe you still hesitate which coffee you like the most? Don’t worry you can take them all - just choose our coffee to go. No matter which set will steal your heart, you can be sure that Rainbow Socks will provide you with products of highest quality. All of our colourful and original socks are from 80% cotton and possess the OEKO-TEX certification. We believe that everyone can become the owner of our unique unisex socks and feel comfortable. That is why all of them are available in a huge variety of sizes: EU 36-40/ US 5,5-9, EU 41-46/US 9,5-13 as well as EU 47-50/ EU 13,5-16. In our category you will definitely find something for you, your parents, boyfriend and friends. Give them a chance and check the rainbow socks coffee category right now. Rainbow Socks - where feet and colours meet!