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    27.99 €

    Why do people love food trucks?

    You’ll find out about it on our blog. And once you find out, think about your best friends – aren’t they celebrating their birthday soon? Well, even if they don’t, there’ll always be a good occasion to give them this gift in a box!

    • 3 pairs of cotton socks: burger and beer
    • Product packed in an outstanding packaging, ideal for a gift
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50

    Fast food delivery at Rainbow Socks is always for free, so do not worry about additional costs. Are you curious about how it works? All the necessary information can be found here.


    28.99 €

    Socks in a box as a gift? A burger and fries with that!

    Are you looking for a hit gift for your boyfriend? Maybe another wedding anniversary is approaching, and you want to surprise your husband with an extraordinary and amusing gift? Give them this set of colourful socks – shock, surprise, and a lot of happiness guaranteed!

    • Cotton socks, 3 pairs: fries and burger
    • Socks in an original packaging, ready-made gift
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50

    Do you think fast food socks can only be a gift for men? Not at all. Every woman will be happy to get a cheat meal without any calories, right?


    34.99 €

    An ideal set for a home party!

    Do you have a friend who’s just moved into a new house and is holding a party on this occasion? Maybe your boyfriend loves evenings when you lay down on the sofa, watch TV, and eat some pizza? This time surprise him and order pizza and beer with no calories!

    • 5 pairs of colourful cotton socks of the highest quality
    • Socks packed in an original box, ready-made gift
    • Sizes available: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50

    Pizza time? At Rainbow Socks, we will always say yes! But there’s no food without a drink. That’s why we have come up with our Pizza & Beer set. Can you think of a better gift idea for your man?

  • Sushi Socks Box 10 Pairs: Mix Maki and Nigiri

    49.99 €

    Sushi Socks Box is the product that has started our journey with colourful socks. Sushi Socks Box 10 Pairs: Mix Maki and Nigiri is a proper feast for both colourful socks fans and Japanese cuisine maniacs – especially its flagship product – sushi! Do you know anyone who will be super happy to receive such a gift for Christmas or their birthday?


    34.99 €

    Fast food menu on your feet!

    Who is the biggest fast food fan in your family, according to you? Mum, dad, sister, brother… or perhaps you? Good news for the winner, because now they can get the best Christmas gift on Earth!

    • 5 pairs of socks: fries, beer, and burger
    • Original packaging with a little puzzle inside it
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50

    The fast food menu available at Rainbow Socks is much bigger. Still looking for a gift idea for your friend? Choose which country you want to invite them to and visit our Worldwide Cuisine!

  • Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Nigiri Shrimp Tuna Tamago Maki

    29.99 €

    In order to become a real sushi master, you need to spend many years learning the appropriate technique. On the other hand, to become a real master of sushi socks, you just need 3 minutes. Sounds unbelievable, right? Order our Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Nigiri Shrimp Tuna Tamago Maki and see how easily your socks can look exactly like sushi after each laundry!

  • Pizza Socks Box 4 pairs: Pepperoni

    24.99 €

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a real pizza lover or just a casual Italian pizza eater, we’re sure that you can’t just pass indifferently by Pizza Socks Box from Rainbow Socks! These colourful, high-quality cotton socks look like one of the classic pizza tastes – pepperoni. Pizza Socks can be worn by both men and women and will become an ideal gift for your friends and relatives!

  • Pizza Socks Box 4 pairs: Vegetarian

    24.99 €

    Do you have  friends who are vegetarians or vegans? Or, maybe you’re not a big fan of meat yourself? If there’s at least one positive answer to these questions, you definitely should have a look at our vegetarian Pizza Socks Box. These high-quality and originally designed socks are a perfect solution if you are looking for a practical gift for your dearest – after all, the more socks in your wardrobe, the better!

  • Pizza Socks Box 4 Pairs: Italian

    24.99 €

    If you could visit the sunny Italy every year and enjoy delicious Neapolitan pizza the whole time there? Well, everyone would do that! However, if it’s just a dream, Rainbow Socks has an ideal alternative that will make you feel like in the warm Italy every morning. Italian Pizza Socks Box 4 Pairs can become a perfect Italian accessory for your outfit – be it a suit or a casual set – these socks will match them both! Pizza Socks will be a perfect gift for everyone who loves original sets and colourful outfits in which vibrant and uniquely designed socks play a leading role!

  • Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Salmon Tamago Tuna Maki

    29.99 €

    How to make a real sushi lover happy? Take them out to a sushi place, one may say… But isn’t it simply an easy way out? If just like us, you love surprising your friends with creative and funny ideas, you should have a look at our Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Salmon Tamago Tuna Maki. A genuine and big smile on the recipient’s face guaranteed!

  • Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Butterfish Tuna Maki

    29.99 €

    There’s no need to ask a real sushi lover twice to eat it. This time, however, we recommend staying cautious – our Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Tamago Butterfish Tuna Maki is not edible! Anyway, the socks will be an ideal gift for both men and women – simply everyone who’s getting hungry as soon as someone around them says “sushi”.

  • Sushi Socks Box 5 Pairs: Tamago Butterfish Tuna Maki

    29.99 €

    It might be really hard to imagine comfortable cotton socks and traditional Japanese sushi united, but our newest product perfectly combines these two amazing things. Our newest addition to our socks offer is the Sushi Socks Box which was inspired by the vast variety of colours and aesthetic values of sushi – one of our favourite dishes. They are a great idea for every sushi lover because they look just like a real sushi, but be careful don't try to taste them!

Ordering lunch? Rainbow Socks say: no problem. Burger, fries, beer – our socks version of a meal box. Perfect for weekends! On other days you need lunch to take to work which means lunch without cooking. It's a meal box, but without beer, so lunch to go ... Error! Socks to go!!! But OK! We’ve got more than sandwiches and potatoes in mind. How about an Italian classic with a variety of toppings? No one knows why pizza is the best food, but it is. In our menu: pizza with tomato, pizza with cheese, even pizza with pineapple but no matter what is on top, the most important thing is that we make all pizza socks with love. If you've had enough pizza dough you can move from Italy to Japan for lunch thanks to stylish flavors. Sushi with salmon but in fact sushi without fish. Sushi with rice on the outside but in fact sushi without rice. Sounds weird, but it does exist in the form of Rainbow Socks Sushi Socks Box. Our all lunch socks options are calorie-free and made from the best ingredients: 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane. That is why we don’t believe in asking like why is fast food good or why fast food is bad. Because even our greaseless suggestions will make you and your friends smile. Rainbow Socks – Where feet and colours meet.