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  • Dark Chocolate Socks Box 1 pair

    12.99 €

    Dark Chocolate Socks - Is chocolate always in your mind? Would you like to try a sugar-free, lactose-free, and extra sweet chocolate? It's not a problem anymore! Chocolate Socks Box - tasty socks, designed for every gourmand!

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    Milk Chocolate Socks Box 1 pair

    12.99 €

    Milk Chocolate Socks - You can't live a single day without chocolate? Are you looking for a perfect bar of chocolate that is not only sweet but also healthy and fit? Chocolate Socks Box is here for you! Designed specially to satisfy every gourmand!

  • White Chocolate Socks Box 1 pairs

    12.99 €

    White Chocolate Socks - You can't imagine a day without a piece of sweet chocolate? Would you like to find a chocolate bar that is sweet, vegan, and sugar-free? You've got this! Chocolate Socks Box - fun socks, perfect for everyone with a sweet tooth!

There is no doubt  that chocolate can make you happy. But did you know that it can help reduce stress too? That’s the best excuse to eat it shamelessly every day, not only at Easter! You don't have to worry that large amounts of our chocolate will be bad for you. Instead of cocoa, fat and sugar, our chocolate is made from certified cotton, polyamide and elastane. Additionally, regardless of the different types of chocolate, they’re good for our health, vegan and gluten free. Socks chocolate is without caffeine, soya, palm oil, nuts and milk. So you can celebrate chocolate day, every day of the year! All you have to do is take it out of the chocolate box, unwrap it from silverware and put it on your feet. Chocolate socks are for every woman and every man. They are a great gift idea for a chocoholic, but also for a person who likes to bake. Admittedly, he or she won't add them to the brownie recipe for a chocolate birthday cake, but can add to his or her sweet dark brown, light brown or white style. Chocolate Socks Box by Rainbow Socks is available in 3 versions – dark, milk and white. So you can always have your favorite type of chocolate nearby. We don't have chocolate with nuts, caramel, hazelnut or stevia... yet. The most important thing, however, regardless of the ingredients, is that our chocolate is like fruit. Diabetics can eat it, even for breakfast. Rainbow Socks – Where feet and colours meet.