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    Cheesecake Socks Box 1 Pair

    9.99 €

    SOCK CHEESECAKE PIECE – it’s a real treat for gourmands, regardless of the sex. A shortcrust bottom, fluffy layer of cheese pleasure, and ruby fruit icing on top. 1 pair of 2 different socks that remind you of the sweetest desserts, packed in a box that resembles a New York cheesecake with sour cherries.

  • Apple Pie Socks Box 3 Pairs

    19.99 €

    Are there any baked goods fans here? Who will resist a delicious crunchy apple pie packed up in a box straight out of a cake shop? 3 pairs of socks, each with a design of juicy apples and crumble topping, create a tasty Sock Apple Pie that will be enjoyed by the most demanding gourmands! The Sock Apple Pie is the perfect gift for the fans of apple pie served cold and hot! The socks are available in sizes: EU 36-40 / US 5.5-9, EU 41-46 / US 9.5-13, EU 47-50 / US 13.5-15.

  • Jar Socks: Honey 2 Pairs

    19.99 €

    The real enthusiasts of honey know that it’s not only a healthy tea additive, it is also a perfect syrup for waffles, ice cream, or cakes. In a jar with hinged lid, decorated with a gunny fabric, we’ve closed 2 pairs of socks that look like real honey! A light blue pair with bees and barrels and a yellow pair with honey slices will please anyone who would add honey even to their soup! The socks are available in sizes: EU 36-40/US 5.5-9, EU 41-46/US 9.5-13, EU 47-50/US 13.5-15.

Dessert can make you happy – there is no doubt about that! Cakes with glaze, sweets full of sugar, ice cream with double whipped cream. When is a dessert too sweet? No one knows, because there is no such thing for those for whom dessert is important after a meal. Desserts without eggs, butter, sugar, flour, milk and cream exist, but they don't taste the same. Dessert with custard, double cream, mascarpone or strawberries – something that always knocks out its taste! However, despite all these modern versions, the dessert tradition will always defend itself! Grandma's apple pie with a pinch of cinnamon and a lot of love, the well-guarded recipe of which is passed down from generation to generation. A New York cheesecake that becomes a bit different in every family – tastes good in both summer and winter! Or traditional gelato – ice cream that steals the hearts of young and old gourmets not only in Italy, but all over the world. Even if your dessert heart is traditional, thanks to our socks you can add a touch of modernity to it. We have a dessert for you that is sweet, you can eat it on your diet, even before a meal. It's also a dessert to take to a dinner party! You will surely please your host and make your guests laugh! Rainbow Socks – Where feet and colours meet.