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  • Jar Socks: Pears & Strawberries 2 pairs

    19.99 €

    Rainbow Socks' Jar Socks are our another and yet the most creative idea of serving extremely fashionable coloUrful socks with original patterns. Thanks to high-quality materials used to produce our socks, and original, plastic jars we are able to offer perfect, ready-made gifts that will not only surprise the gifted person but also will be extremely practical. Our line of Jar Socks by Rainbow Socks is characterized by a vast variety of coloUrs and patterns available. Our socks were inspired by the tastiest fruit and vegetables that can be found in our home pastries such as carrots, pickles, lemons, red and yellow belly peppers as well as green peas. Each jar contains two pair of socks with two different patterns. One visible outside from the jar and the second one is hidden inside.

  • JAR SOCKS Strawberries Blueberries
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    Jar Socks: Strawberries & Blueberries 2 pairs

    19.99 €

    Jar Socks by Rainbow Socks are socks inspired by all tasty food stored in household jars. Our main goal was to design ultra-bright socks that are pleasant to wear and made of materials of the highest quality and served in a way that the world hadn't seen yet.  Thanks to our efforts, we made a unique and prepared to hand over the present. Additionally, we use plastic containers which are a unique idea themselves. Our first line of Jar by Rainbow Socks is characterized by ultra-bright hues and patterns - yellow lemons in, green pea with an orange carrot, green pickles, and red and green peppers. Each container contains two rolled pairs of our socks - one pattern is fully visible outside of a jar, and the second one is rolled-up inside and ready to be discovered.

  • Jar Socks: Blueberries & Pears 2 pairs

    19.99 €

    To make sure that every socks lover is satisfied we came up with an original idea! We created a unique line of Jar Socks that resembles real preserves that can be found in our kitchens. Additionally, the socks are served in a plastic container that looks like a real jar, which is a unique and original idea for a gift! We love colourful and original socks with lovely patterns, that's why we are constantly looking for new and unique ways to decorate our socks. This time we got inspired by the natural beauty of fruit and vegetables. The Jar Socks are available with patterns such as pickles, lemons, carrots, green peas, as well as bell peppers.

What do you think about a fruit jar - a jar of strawberries or blueberries? Would you eat it? Unfortunately, summer flavors like fresh strawberries or blueberries aren't available all year round, or even if they are, they just don’t taste the same out of season.Therefore, something must be done to keep them fresh! Freezing strawberries or wild blueberries are one idea, but … Rainbow Socks opted for jars in which preserves never spoil! Every fruit lover is extremely grateful to us, because they can have their favorite fruit  on them wherever they go!! Colourful socks, because that’s what we’re talking about – are the perfect gift for lovers of fruit. What's more, you can order sock blueberries online with free worldwide delivery. Choose this sweet and practical gift instead of a flower delivery. These are also men's socks! Jar socks are not only mother's day gifts or gifts for her, but also good father's day gifts ideas. Red strawberries and purple blueberries come in two sizes EU 36-40 and US 5,5-9 and EU 41-46 and US 9,5-13. So they are universal, for both genders. These jar socks also have a pear varieties! So you have to be careful, if someone feels like something healthy and sweet, not to grab a jar of socks from a cupboard instead of a jar of preserves. However, that can be a good reason to laugh during meetings with friends, autumn evenings or breakfast on cold winter mornings. Rainbow Socks – Where feet and colours meet.