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  • Dark Chocolate Socks Box 1 pair

    12.99 €

    Dark Chocolate Socks - Is chocolate always in your mind? Would you like to try a sugar-free, lactose-free, and extra sweet chocolate? It's not a problem anymore! Chocolate Socks Box - tasty socks, designed for every gourmand!

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    Fries Socks Box 2 pairs

    15.99 €

    Potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables that give you many options for food. One of them is of course the popular and tasty fries! And even better takeaway fries that make a perfect snack during the day! But hey! Don't worry about your perfect shape! Our fries are totally calories-free and healthy! Why? Oh, cause you don't eat them, you wear them... on your feet! ;)

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    Beer Socks 1 pair

    11.99 €

    Refreshing, sparkling, with foamy froth, in an amber shade... What's your favourite beer? Take this unique can and let yourself be amazed. Inside, you'll find something extremely delectable, yet be cautious, don't attempt to drink it! Simply take out these amazing beer socks and let them cheer you up and! A gift with a dose of humor is always a good idea. Socks in a can that look just like a real, tasty beer are a great option for every beer fan. Who wouldn't like to have them? They are just perfect for both your friend who amateurly brews beer in the cellar and your abstainer friend. All things considered, our "drink" is totally soft, and its taste is perfect for many different occasions  ;)

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    Milk Chocolate Socks Box 1 pair

    12.99 €

    Milk Chocolate Socks - You can't live a single day without chocolate? Are you looking for a perfect bar of chocolate that is not only sweet but also healthy and fit? Chocolate Socks Box is here for you! Designed specially to satisfy every gourmand!

  • White Chocolate Socks Box 1 pairs

    12.99 €

    White Chocolate Socks - You can't imagine a day without a piece of sweet chocolate? Would you like to find a chocolate bar that is sweet, vegan, and sugar-free? You've got this! Chocolate Socks Box - fun socks, perfect for everyone with a sweet tooth!

Wondering what the most famous Belgian food is? Go to Rainbow Socks’ Belgian cuisine and find the answer! Chocolate socks are the bee’s knees. Dark, milk or white? Every gourmet will find something tasty which will satisfy their singular tastes. Afterall, who does not like grabbing something sweet and delicious from time to time? Our non-fat chocolate socks will be particularly interesting for our calorie-counting brethren, “But what about beer?” - the real connoisseur will cry. Of course, Rainbow Socks have it all under control! Grab a pair of Beer Socks for yourself and another for your best friend for their birthday. These refreshing, non-alcoholic socks are available in different size options: EU 36-40, EU 41-46 and EU 47-50. And last but not least … The Fries Socks Box. Yes, our delightful, dear friend, this is super traditional food that can be found on the list of the belgian cuisine recipes. These are not only well-made gifts, but also the highest quality product with OEKO-TEX certification! It is all you need to cheer you and your relatives up after a long exhausting day at work. Have we mentioned our FREE Worldwide delivery??  Enjoy your purchase without any additional costs. Now you should not have any doubts that this Rainbow Socks’ category, easily the best option to get to know delicious Belgian cuisine in a funny and original way! Rainbow Socks -–where feet and colours meet.