Happy Mother's Day (Every Day)!

Happy Mother's Day from Rainbow Socks

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Author: Lena

We don’t know about you, but here at Rainbow Socks, we think it’s Mother’s Day every day. But what is Mother’s Day all about, and when is it celebrated?

Fortunately, while the holiday’s dates vary between countries, there are plenty of occasions to celebrate. Whether it’s the 8th of March in Russia, one of the Lent Sundays in the UK, the second Sunday of May in the U.S., 26th of May in Poland, or 22nd of December in Indonesia. And while the dates and customs may vary slightly around the world, they stem from the same source of ancient appreciation of motherhood.

Traditional celebrations date back thousands of years. From the Greek goddesses, Rhea and Cybele, then came the early Christian “Mothering Sunday” celebrations. The more recent Mother’s Day was started by Anna Jarvis in 1907 in the U.S., and this morphed into the contemporary global, Mother’s Day celebrations, both heartfelt and commercial.

Rainbow Socks Mother's Day - History

In its current form, the holiday calls for a gift that expresses our gratitude for, and appreciation of the love, strength and support mums embody. Whether you are going to surprise her with a handmade card, flowers, have a lovely sofa natter or going to get her a gift to remember, Mother Day’s ideas are infinite and that’s why sometimes it’s difficult to make up your mind.

Mother's Day -Rainbow Flower Socks Box for mums

Because we want to contribute to the all-year-round celebration of mothers, we came up with a few rainbow ideas to brighten your celebrations with Mother Day’s gifts that can be delivered!

So, if you’re a child or a dad and you’re after an original, charming, and practical Mother’s Day gift – look no further. Sweets and flowers are a classic. Beautiful but, sadly, not for long. Rainbow Socks offer a huge range of unusual and funky alternatives. We’ve got all the staples… in sock form: spring socks bouquets, I Love You roses socks, or tasty chocolate socks. Mums can keep these quite literally, forever. Or maybe you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s expecting to be a mum or is celebrating her first Mother’s Day – here’s another idea!

Mother's Day - Rainbow I Love You Roses Socks

Mother's Day - Chocolate Socks Box

As we’ve said, we think Mother’s Day should be every day. And if you’re looking for a gift – we’ve got you covered with original ideas and free delivery. All year round, for any special occasion, always delivering straight to you and your nearest and dearest. 

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