Non slip socks

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We are aware of the most important needs of people who seek specialized socks. Designing our non-slip socks, we decided to include an additional layer of silicone anti-slip layer on the bottom of our socks to ensure the safety and comfort of moving, especially for those who need extra protection like people recovering from various different diseases or elderly people. Our socks are made of certified materials which quality has been confirmed with the OKEO-TEX certificate, which is an international mark of top tier textiles. Our non-slip socks do not pack the skin, do not cause irritations, are easy to put on, provide the skin with the right ventilation, and ensure the right temperature. They are available in several different lengths what make them an easy match for many different outfits of various kind. The anti-slip layer is comfortable, soft, and ensures extra protection even on the most slippery surfaces. The socks are perfect for everyday use as well as during recoveries or hospital stays. Thanks to the vast selection of colours and shapes, the socks are perfect for both women and men. They can be worn with many different types of shoes. Owning to that, they are a perfect accessory for everyday wear. They are a great choice for everyone who searches for comfort and solace on an everyday basis.