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  • Children's Non Slip NEON Sport Socks with ABS Grips

    10.49 €

    Keep your child safe and visible from far away!

    Is your child a bundle of energy? Perhaps only vibrant clothes that can be seen from a distance will satisfy them? These neon non-slip socks offer both visibility and comfort, capturing the attention of every lively spirit and providing immense relief to every parent.

    • Neon sports socks for children
    • Available sizes: EU 24-29, EU 30-35
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane + evenly distributed silicone grips on the bottom of the sock

    Non-slip socks are the perfect choice for your little troublemaker who finds it difficult to stay in one place for more than a minute. Explore other products in the category now!

  • Socks for children's
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    Children's Cotton Non Slip ABS Sport Socks

    11.99 €

    We've established new rules - running in the corridors is now allowed!

    Are you the proud parent of a true troublemaker? If so, we understand that every sprint in the corridors makes your heart race! But from now on, thanks to Rainbow Socks, you'll be able to relax.

    • Colorful non-slip cotton socks for children
    • Sizes: EU 24-29, EU 30-35
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane + evenly distributed silicone grips on the bottom of the sock

    Just like every parent, we recognize the importance of safety during everyday play. Our cotton non-slip socks for children not only provide maximum comfort for young feet but also allow for play even on slippery floors, thanks to the ABS Grips.

  • Neon sports socks with ABS glitter grips for girls and women

    11.99 €

    Non-slip training socks with a dash of femininity

    Warm non-slip glitter ankle socks! Colourful socks with a silicone sole – this is where the shiny elements are hidden! Women’s and children’s socks will work well as non-slip socks for trampolines, yoga, and even casual strolls around the house.

    • Colours: black with silver, gold, blue, green, pink; cornflower with pink, fuchsia with blue, orange with black, green with purple, yellow with blue
    • EU sizes: 24-29, 30-35, 36-38, 39-41
    • Number of pairs in the set: 2, 4
    • Composition: 80% Modified Sports Polyester, 17% Polyamide, 3% Spandex + Silicone Grips

    Reduce the risk of slipping, increase the opportunity of having fun, even if you need socks of a different length or in a different colour.

Each and every parent knows well that additional protection is crucial when it comes to their children's safety. If you look for everyday causal socks that will ensure the safety and comfort of wearing, we've got something special for you and your child. Our collection of children's non-slip socks consists of socks that were specially designed for active children who love walking barefoot. The socks' design was improved with a special anti-slide layer made of certified Italian silicone. It provides the safety and the right balance even on the most slippery floors as well as does not cause discomfort and does not restrain movement. The socks can be worn with many different types of shoes and thanks to the vast selection of colours they are easy to match with different outfits of both formal and casual characters. Thanks to the unisex character, the socks will be great for both girls and boys. Surprise your kids with colorful socks and ensure their safety with our unique non-slip system. Rainbow Socks. Where feet and colours meet.