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  • Children's cotton High Socks
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    Children's Cotton Knee High Socks

    9.99 €

    Colorful socks matching not only a school uniform

    Do you remember the sweet times of primary school when everyone needed to wear a school uniform? Although nowadays it's not obligatory everywhere anymore, children's outfits with long, colorful knee-high socks are still in fashion!

    • Colorful knee-high socks for girls and boys
    • Sizes available: EU 24-29, EU 30-35
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

    Socks for children by Rainbow Socks are an ideal combination of high-quality components and modern colors that will make your child's outfit extremely energetic. Check out other products from this category right now.

  • School Socks for Children

    7.99 €

    Socks for an exemplary student

    Is your child a top-grade student? Perhaps languages, math, or geography are their strong subjects? These socks will be an ideal complement to their school outfits.

    • Colorful cotton socks with school patterns
    • Sizes: EU 24-29, EU 30-35
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

    Colorful cotton socks make an ideal gift for a first grader who is just starting their educational adventure. With colorful accents, you can make their first moments on the school bench less stressful for them!

  • Red car socks for dad and son, gift ideas for men, colourful cotton socks
    Product available with different options

    Car socks box for children and adults

    22.99 €

    Matchy-matchy outfits (not only) for a daddy and his son!

    Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift? Maybe your child like spending time playing car games or organising Hot Wheels car races? Car Socks Box will be an ideal gift to strengthen the bond between a parent and a child!

    • Product available in two colour versions: blue and red
    • Different sets: 2 pairs for children or 3 pairs – 1 for a parent, 2 for a child
    • Sizes: EU 24-29, E 30-35, EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50

    Looking for a little Children’s Day gift for your toddler? Nothing can be better than a pair of colourful socks in a box that resembles a real car!

Every parent knows how picky their child can be, especially in terms of selecting clothes and things to wear. To help you with this problem, we came up with a vast selection of casual, everyday socks. Our collection of everyday children's socks consists of a huge selection of sizes, colours, patterns, and lengths, which can be freely matched with all favourite outfits of your child. To ensure comfort and safety, we use only certified with the OKEO-TEX certificate materials, such as combed cotton provided by our trusty suppliers. Combed cotton is the fabric of plant origin that ensures the optimal level of thermoregulation and ventilation for the skin. Additionally, thanks to our unique sewing and original design, the socks do not cause discomfort and do not move in a shoe, even the most demanding activities, that is why they are perfect for every child. The socks are durable and do not lose their shape and color even after several different washing cycles. Thanks to their fun and casual character, our children's sock for sure will be worn with a smile. Surprise your child with a new pair of socks that will be not only comfortable but also fun to wear. Rainbow Socks. Where feet and colours meet.