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  • Pepsi x Rainbow Socks 1 pair

    16.99 €

    It’s not a drink! It’s a pair of Pepsi® x Rainbow Socks!

    Are you looking for a birthday gift for your friend? Choose something that is guaranteed to be a hit!  Instead of a refreshing drink, you can offer them Pepsi socks in the same iconic can!

    • One pair of colourful cotton socks
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

    Pepsi x Rainbow Socks are an ideal present for many occasions. These socks are for everyone who loves original accessories and hates boredom on their feet! Produced in the EU.

  • Beer Socks 1 Pair

    14.99 €

    Grab a can of beer and sit comfortably in front of the TV!

    Are you looking for a gift for a party-loving friend? Your husband enjoys sitting in front of the TV, holding favourite beer? Beer Can Socks can be an ideal gift and a healthier alternative to the classic soft version of this drink!

    • 1 pair of patterned cotton socks in a can
    • Sizes: EU 36–40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

    Beer Can Socks for men and women are an ideal anniversary and birthday gift. Don’t like beer? Choose another gift set from our Can Socks line!

  • Iced lemonade socks 1 pair

    14.99 €

    Refreshing colourful lemonade closed in a can!

    The weather outside is cold and depressing, making you long for the summer days? Are you looking for some gift ideas to cheer your friends up? Or maybe you need a pair of long colourful socks for a summer party? These colourful lemonade socks will definitely bring you a boost of positive energy!

    • 1 pair of yellow lemonade socks in a can
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47–50
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

    These socks for men and women are an ideal gift that can be delivered to you without any additional costs thanks to our Free Worldwide Delivery.

  • Iced coffee socks in a can 1 pair

    14.99 €

    Iced coffee socks – for a cold summer day!

    Do you know a coffee lover who switches to iced coffee once the weather gets a bit warmer? Prank them! Buy them Iced Coffee Socks in a Can. They are both a funny and a practical gift for chilly summer evenings!

    • 1 pair of cotton socks in a can
    • Sizes: EU 36-40, EU 41-46, EU 47-50
    • Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

    Coffee as a gift in a sock version is an ideal option for Valentine’s Day. Or, as a Mother’s Day present for your mum. Actually, every day is a wonderful occasion to pamper someone with a sip of high-quality coffee!

Can you open cans without a can opener? Actually, yes! All you need to do is just go to our can drinks category and taste new socks versions of well-known refreshing drinks. Looking for some beer gifts for your man? You couldn’t have found a better place. Our beer socks will be a wonderful present not only for his birthday but also for other occasions during the year such as Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas. What is more, we contend that our beer is good for health, has the least calories (actually zero) and definitely will not make him fat! Lemonade is a popular drink, right? We can’t imagine a warm summer’s day without it and you couldn’t have as well – everyone knows how lemonade can hydrate you. However, who said that we should limit consumption to hot summer’s days?! Rainbow’s lemonade is an example of a product which can be consumed every day no matter the weather outside. And what about coffee? Does it really make you sleepy? The one served at for sure not. Our Iced Coffee Socks will keep you awake all day long thanks to their colourful patterns which give you a boost of energy every time you look at them! All of our amazing socks looking like soft drinks closed in cans are available in a wide range of sizes. Starting from EU 36-40/ US 5,5-9 through  EU 41-46/ US 9,5-13 and ending on EU 47-50/ US 13,5-16, we ensure you that you will find the best unisex gift which will be comfortable for every recipient. Our gift ideas are not only fashionable but also they are the symbol of good quality. Rainbow Socks products made of 80% cotton and additionally certified with OEKO-TEX which proves that the materials come from reliable sources. Rainbow Socks – where feet and colours meet!