Sock Wars: Woven vs. printed patterns on socks

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Posted On: 2023-11-30

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Did you know that not all socks are created equal? Some are more durable, better looking, and more comfortable than others. When it comes to comfort, you shouldn't settle for just any sock; you should go for THE sock - the knitted one.

Colourful, funny socks can be of two kinds - printed and knitted (we refer to the pattern on the fabric, not the fabric itself). Why does it matter, you might ask? It does, and we're here to explain why.

Here are a few reasons why knitted is better than printed, why you should choose the former over the latter, and how to tell the difference.

The Big Difference

Let's start by establishing the difference between these two types of colourful socks. The whole differentiation is based on the method of transferring a pattern onto the fabric. It can be either printed through the process of sublimation printing or woven into the fabric with the same yarn used on the socks.

If you're still having doubts about which one to choose, we shall compare them side by side.

1. Grab and stretch

When you put a sock on, you need to stretch it a little. This means that the way it looks in a package will not be the same as when it's on your foot. Unless the pattern is woven into the fabric!

That's the advantage knitted socks have over printed ones. If the pattern is woven into the fabric with the same yarn, it stretches together with the sock. 

This means that no basic fabric shows through when the sock is stretched, and you can still easily tell what the pattern depicts. Unfortunately, it's a completely different story with the printed motifs. They get distorted when you put a sock on, and the white background peeks out. Not professional, we must say.

Three people at a table holding out pairs of socks with a cheesecake pattern

2. Always as bright as new

When you choose a pair of socks with a woven pattern, you can be sure that even a dozen washing cycles won't wash off the colours. We are, after all, Rainbow Socks, and rainbows are all about bright shades. 

Our socks are funny and beautiful, made with care for every detail, and they dazzle with vivid colours and sharp contours, even long after you bought them. This distinguishes them from pairs with printed motifs. Those are short-lived, for sure, as printed colours will wash off before you get the chance to get attached to a pair.

A woman hanging up washed pairs of colorful socks

3. True quality

We bet on quality over anything; that's why a woven pattern is perfect for our socks. It allows us to use the best and certified fabrics. We use as much cotton as possible, which constitutes about 80% of the entire sock. The only synthetic fibres you will find are the ones that make our products more durable.

When it comes to socks with printed patterns, it's entirely the other way around. Actually, there's often not even a trace of natural fabrics involved. They are entirely made of polyester, rarely viscose, because it's the simplest and cheapest fabric that works well with sublimation printing (it's a pattern ironed onto the sock in high temperature). It does not scream quality, does it?

A man and a woman in business attire holding a pair of socks with a money motif

We think that you don't need any more persuading as to which socks are a nicer choice. If you care about quality, your comfort, and the good-looking pattern that you've paid for, we have no doubt - Rainbow Socks is just for you. Pick our pairs with a woven pattern that will be perfect socks as a gift.

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