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Posted On: 2020-09-23

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Author: Gosia

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Lockdown really got to you? No travels since March, living from one online meeting to another… How to stay positive and remain corona-negative at the same time? It’s simple! Let’s take a culinary trip to the most delicious countries you have always wanted to visit! You can even take a bit of each place with you! Are you game? 

We miss travelling as much as you do. But staying home doesn’t have to be that hard! We are happy to welcome you on an international flight that will follow the trace of world’s best cuisine! We will stop in bellissima Italy, spicy Mexico, sweet Belgium, mysterious Japan and the US. Are you ready? 3,2,1… Take-off! 

What do we LOVE about Italy? Pick a piece of pizza and fly on!

“There’s very little in my world that a foot massage and a thin-crust, everything-on-it pizza won’t set right” – said novelist G.A. McKevett. And although it seems almost perfect, our question is “Why not ALL of it”? Imagine a foot massage with a pizza pie in your hand and Pizza Socks Box - Mix Flavors on your feet… Bingo! 

Pizza box and a person wearing pizza socks.

Stop: Mexico! Wrap yourself up in its HOT cuisine!

The real Mexican tortilla is not the one you can get in a mall, heat up in microwave and fill with some random veggies… First, a traditional recipe mentions maize dough, not a wheat pie. Second, tortilla is just a tool you can use to create a bunch of pretty amazing dishes. Tortillas are often fried and eaten as chips, sometimes with guacamole or salsa. If you put some meat, cheese or veggies on it, you get tacos. And if you stuff a tortilla with beans and rice, a burrito is born.

Does it mean that your feet in our Tortilla Wrap Socks are two burritos or just rolled tacos? Interesting…

Tortilla box with a pair of socks; corn and pepper on a tortilla pie.

Belgium won’t spare you, sweetie! Take a look around the capital of chocolate

Belgian chocolate has been a hit all over the world since the 19th century! Belgians even invented a ballotin – the elegant chocolate box that we often offer as a gift for special occasions. In fact, ballotin was designed by Louise Agostini, a famous chocolatier’s wife. Our Milk Chocolate Socks Box, however, come in a bar, to give you a sense of coziness. Home, sweet home!

Chocolate, sweets and two people wearing brown socks.

French fries or chips?

Everybody knows that burgers come with fries. But are fries French, Belgian or… American? And why French fries are English chips and if you ask for chips in the USA you get… British crisps? It’s all a bit confusing… Fortunately, in our store the situation is simple – you buy fries, you get your portion of cotton socks depicting your favorite fast food, no matter what they call it!

Burger box and two portions of French fries with socks inside.

Moshi moshi? Hello? A call from Japan!

Did you know that sushi is… 1800 years old? If you are into Japanese cuisine, just imagine, how much fun it would be if your socks resembled… a portion of sushi! Kawaii!

Socks packed like sushi, soya sauce on little plates, table.

That was the final stop on our trip. We hope you had a nice time! Don’t forget to check all of our Food Socks and… stay inspired and curious, even at home!

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