May your Christmas days be merry and your gifts nicely wrapped. With these tips, they shall!

Gift wrapping for your socks socks

Posted On: 2022-12-15

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While some people struggle with choosing the right gift for their friends and family, others have mastered this skill. However, Christmastime is not all roses. Your real test of competence comes when it’s time to wrap these presents.

What’s inside your gift is of utmost importance, but the wrapping matters no less. Who does not like receiving a present that’s packed with care and love? Yet, as we know, wrapping paper can be a true torment when it’s not cooperating.

This month, which is all about gift wrapping, is already here. We’ve spent some time preparing a few tutorials that might inspire you with wrapping ideas for gifts. Learn how to pack a pair of extraordinary socks in an even more remarkable way and surprise your loved ones!

Let’s start simple — a rectangle is always a good idea

You can’t get wrong with a rectangle. There is nothing complicated about it. At least, it would seem like it. It turns out that numerous items can be packed in a rectangular shape. Although it would definitely help if your gift was already in this form.

How to wrap a gift to get a perfect rectangle? Let’s take our sushi set. All you need to do is take some wrapping paper and wrap it around the box.

Place your present on the centre of a piece of wrapping paper, fold two sides, secure them with tape, and then do the same with the bottom and top edges. Crimp the edges to make them look nice and neat, fix them with tape and your present is ready to be given.

If you like this easy gift-wrapping idea we have more square and rectangular products to make your wrapping journey easier. You will find something for game lovers or space adventure admirers. Guess what! In Rainbow Socks, even roses come in a square shape!

Time to raise the bar — a hexagon-shaped gift

We must have gone crazy. A hexagon-shaped gift to wrap — is there anything worse? There probably is, as this gift-wrapping idea is much easier than you think.

A hexagon is definitely not ordinary, and our products in the same shape are for no ordinary people. They are just perfect for those who have found their passion. Do you want to know how to pack a gift for an enthusiast of car fixing or teaching, a person who loves to help others and make them get well? There is no better way than to choose and wrap our hexagon gift.

Here’s the trick when it comes to wrapping ideas for gifts that are as oddly shaped as a hexagon box. Just place a present on a rectangular piece of wrapping paper, wrap it around the box, and secure it with tape. The excess paper needs to be folded in six triangular shapes around the edges of the box and then secured together with tape at the top. Easy-peasy.

Do you feel ready? It’s time for triangles!

In Rainbow Socks, we have one more box shape in our offer. In this part, we will teach you how to wrap a gift in the form of a triangle.

You can wrap your favourite triangular things, like a pizza slice or a piece of cheese, as a nice gift. Even a mountain hut won’t be a challenge, as we’re getting good at it. How to wrap it up?

Start with placing the box you want to wrap in the middle of a piece of paper. First, take the top edge and fold it. Then fold two sides to the centre. Secure everything with tape, fold the bottom part and tuck in the bottom and top corners. Again, secure the edges with tape, and you should have a pretty triangular shape in front of you.

In Rainbow Socks, we have much more shapes and forms to offer when it comes to our socks boxes. If you want to know how to pack a gift in some other odd shapes, check our Instagram page!

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