7 FUN Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas - socks

Posted On: 2020-12-06

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Another dull gift for the family? Pull up your socks and this time come up with something exceptional! Here, you will find 7 unique ideas for Christmas gifts that will make your whole family happy.

Do you want their jaws to drop this time? To really come up with SOMETHING? Give your family our colourful socks as a Christmas gift - we have a treat for each of them.

Christmas gift idea for MUM – cause she is the one! 

There is nobody like mum! As Maya Angelou beautifully phrased: "To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colours of a rainbow.". This Christmas, make your mother feel loved – give her flowers in a practical, original form ... a sock! 

Flower Socks Box – sock Christmas gift idea

Check our Flower Socks Box and show mum just how much you appreciate everything she does!

Socks as gift ideas for dads – gentlemen kit 

Do you see your dad as a member of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? If yes, then you should check out our Gentlemen Socks Box for dads and other friendly men in your life. 

Socks for gentlemen – 3 pairs of socks in a box as a Christmas present idea

Dad may be your male elegance model, but grandfather is rather associated with someone warmer, ready to listen to our stories over a cup of coffee and...

…CHOCOLATE! Cause grandpas know what's good

Conversations with grandfather in a cosy lounge, by a crackling fireplace, with soft music pouring gently from the speakers... What's missing? Chocolate, of course! 

Socks resembling dark chocolate bar – table, mug, spoons

Bitter, milk or white – which one do you like best? Check out our Dark Chocolate Socks Box – a perfect Christmas present idea for a grandpa or other loved ones. 

A Christmas treat for a big brother

Rod Stewart once said: "My big brother still thinks he's a better singer than me!". These older brothers always want to be first in everything! Help them relax a bit… for example, with a cosy pair of lemonade socks from the Iced Lemonade Socks 1 Pair.

Christmas gift idea – a pair of socks in a glass

A Queen of the Seas! Christmas gift idea for a dreamy little sister

So your little sis wants to be a mermaid? First – don't laugh at her. It may be pretty serious! Second – grab our Mermaid Socks Box and watch your sister's broad smile when she is unwrapping her Christmas presents.

A girl wearing colourful socks picturing sea life, a bath

Rumour has it that a mermaid is simply a water woman who chooses imagination over fear. Isn't it so? 

Give Grandma the jars back! With unexpected content

Grandma made jars full of delicious stuff for all of us - you too! How many times has she asked you to give the jars back so she can use them again? How many times have you actually returned the jars? Now, you can settle the bill and give Grandma a surprise jar for Christmas - Jar Vegetables 2 Pairs or Jar Fruits 2 Pairs, full of socks that resemble grandma's best "takeaway" dishes.

A woman holding a jar full of fruit-resembling socks

Cherry on top of things – Christmas gift ideas suitable for everybody

We would not be ourselves if we had not come up with a universal gift for you that can be given... basically to anyone you care about. Fancy a Christmas Socks Box for Christmas? Sure you do! 

Christmas gift ideas for the whole family

The only thing left for us to say is to wish you a happy, HAPPY Christmas. May the one this year blow your socks off. Cheers!

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