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Posted On: 2020-12-26

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Author: Gosia

Rumour has it that… hang on, it’s not just rumours! The media seem to like us, and below you will find the proofs. Our colourful socks are appreciated by gadget lovers and all fans of good design. What are they saying about us? Let’s check!

What do we have for you? Witty, even quirky, gift ideas – gadgets for joyful folks with imagination. That’s us! Yahoo News described our cotton pizza pieces in their article: “If you are looking for the cutest gift to give to any food or sock lover, then a pizza socks box is just what you need!”. That had left us flattered, but then… more started to appear! Now, we are sharing all those good words with you – see, what a brand we’ve become! Wear our socks proudly, but first – read on.

Proudly among the best gifts ever! With Pizza Socks ranking highest

As Laughingsquid.com sums up in an article regarding pizza socks, Rainbow Socks “create incredibly cute and very clever cotton socks that look like different flavours of pizza toppings”. Affirmative, we do!

Legs with pizza socks on, pizza image and a box

Ranked among 60 Best Gifts for Men (check the original article here), our tasty Pizza Socks One Taste 4 Pairs or Pizza Socks Mix Flavours 4 Pairs remain our evergreen designs. You simply can’t get enough of them! While we have more pizza flavours planned, keep stocking up with the designs available today. Different pizza for each day of the week? Sure! You choose and we deliver – that’s the deal.

You can find an awesome account of what the socks look like when they arrive at your place here (on simplemost.com). Remember – you can order a full pizza box or just a tasty slice for a starter. Choose from a variety of Pizza Socks Slice 1 Pair designs.

Not just pizza! Other tasty gift ideas

The online gadget lovers have also recognised other Rainbow Socks designs.

Spotted on themiracletech.com, the 32+ Great Anime Christmas Gifts List considered our Sushi Socks Box 5-10 Pairs as a “unique gift for anime fans and Japan lovers”. We couldn’t agree more with that!

Restaurant interior, a woman in kimono holding a pair of socks resembling sushi

We created our socks to “make your feet look delicious” (BuzzFeed’s 35 Small But Amazing Gifts That Will Leave A Huge Impression). Controversial? Unbelievable? Check out our Tasty Socks, and let us talk you into it. You may not be a Columbus or Marie Curie, but… the first one in your neighbourhood to wear those cuties? Go for it!

Restaurant, socks resembling french fries, a girl sitting in the background

As People.com points out in an article about Rainbow Socks: “Socks may have once been a gift that induced a rather ‘meh’ reaction, but thanks to all the fun prints and patterns you can shop them in, they’ve become a cosy gift that actually warrants excitement.”

We will leave you with that! Keep your socks on – cheers!

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