Swollen ankles? Not any more!

Posted On: 2020-09-28

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Author: Gosia

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“Pressure, pushing down on me / Pressing down on you, no man ask for” – sang David Bowie. Is this how you feel in socks with a tight welt? Imagine a soft cotton sock that does not pinch your swollen ankles - you hardly even feel it! A relief? Sure! Learn how we invented socks which are not only colourful and durable, but also gentle – for you and your feet.

If you suffer from diabetes, are expecting a baby or your legs are just prone to swelling, you probably wait every day for the moment when you are finally able to put your feet up. Swollen ankles, legs that seem to be heavier than in the morning… We know that pain! So find your favorite armchair, straighten up those tired limbs and take a look at what we have – feet-friendly, non-binding socks for those, who cherish coziness and comfort.

Best socks for diabetics – red non-binding socks without a welt.

Best socks for diabetics – find your feet in the kingdom of gentleness!

How have we achieved zero-compression, which is a real game changer for diabetics and their feet? The secret lies in the lack of welt – the socks stick to feet thanks to their design, without causing painful imprints. What is more, although they are high-quality medical products, they do not look like some hospital clothes that fit only to pajamas. On the contrary – not only swollen ankles, but also eyes are pleased. Our bright-colored, stylish socks are available in two versions – with or without a non-slip grip.

Let us introduce to you:

Yellow socks – non-binding socks, a person lying down.

Wearing high, colorful socks or even knee socks? You probably thought that such dreams, with those swollen ankles, should be abandoned. And yet! Take them to work and your tired legs will not only recover from the aggressive welt, but may even be tempted to ... uncover? Because what is there to be ashamed of? Dress up in your favorite skirt – rainbow-colored socks will add even more charm to it!

Orange socks – non-binding socks with an ABS grip.

What besides socks? How to deal with swollen ankles

We know that socks are not a head-to-toe solution. So what can you do for your swollen ankles besides wearing our pressure-free socks? First of all - move! If most of your day is desk sitting, try to get up and walk as often as possible. This way you will improve blood circulation, and thus – reduce a little swelling, which is an unfortunate effect of the sedentary lifestyle. In the evening, we recommend spending at least a quarter of an hour with your legs up - you can place them, for example, on a pile of pillows. If swollen ankles still bother you, add frozen or wet towel compresses, massage, and rubbing with horse chestnut ointment to help reduce leg swelling.

A person lying down, light green socks, red ball.

Light on your feet again? We hope so! If our blog got you interested, check what bamboo socks are


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