Fashion Socks Extravaganza!

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Posted On: 2021-06-17

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Time for a Fashion Sock Extravaganza!

The world has gone mad for … socks! The times where socks were but a boring accessory are – thankfully – firmly in the past. Socks and fashion are not mutually exclusive. In fact, socks are in fashion, and indeed, they are the ‘it-item’ of our times. They can completely change the character of your outfit and show off your personal style and character.

And this is the reason why we founded Rainbow Socks – so if you’re wondering where to get fashion socks, look no further!

Fashion Socks – A perfect match - heels and Rainbow Socks

There are many ways in which you can wear fashion socks. 

You can go all in. Even the usual no-gos and faux-pas are now things of the past. Vogue, the bible of every fashionista, confirms – socks and sandals are a thing. Like a big fashion thing. As much as socks with heels, socks with boots and socks with fashion sneakers – for girls and guys both! 

Fashion Socks – group of stylish friends wearing Rainbow Socks next to a vintage car

If you need a little guide on which socks are in style and how to wear them, here are a few ideas:

Following the latest fashion know-how, you could try going for the sandals with socks or heels with socks styling options. As mentioned before, these choices are rocking catwalks and street fashion to its core. It might seem bold, but it really does add character to your daily outfits. Also, how comfy is it? 

Fashion Socks - Rainbow Knee High Socks

Knee-high socks and sneakers – it’s truly a fashion match made in heaven. An example of a styling classic. A few look ideas include long socks, long sneakers and a dress or long socks, short sneakers and turned up jeans. Next – long socks and loafers, long socks and pumps – you can really play with it! Socks and sliders are also in. You really can’t go wrong. To make it even more exciting, you can go for either classic plain or patterned knee-high socks.  

Another type of socks with great fashion potential is the classic long crew socks which you can wear with virtually anything – girls with autumn boots and skirts and guys with short chinos and office shoes. You could also style your high socks with flat shoes or trainers, to give your look a bit of a vintage feel. Play with colours and match ‘em with your favourite shoes.

Fashion Socks – stylish girl taking a Rainbow Socks selfie

Another idea is to go with some quirky printed socks (boatloads in our offer!), which will go with anything. The many styles are going to compliment any hobby and personality and will soon become your wardrobe staple – whether mermaid or maybe pizza socks. Our suggestion is to contrast any elegant work attire with such an original, colourful accent. Delightful! Check them all out on our website.

Clearly, socks are not out of style. Check out what we have in store, you might find it’ll … blow your socks off!

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